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Oil imports a country to pay close attention to government of foreign trade hors
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The 2nd money grows Malaysia Mohammed expressed Oman · a few days ago, although this country is country of oil only outlet, but the government pays close attention to international oil price to go very much situation, because the developing country is the commerce associate that big Ma Chong wants, oil price tall look forward to affects the economic growth of the developing country, hit equestrian state then economy. Nevertheless, ma Guo exports a nation completely as oil, oil price tall look forward to will raise the oil exploitation tax that this country imposes.

Market analyst points out, the oil price of tall look forward to will encourage activity of more and deep-sea prospect to undertake in Malaysia, because oil price tall look forward to will be relevant investment to bring taller redound; But, the raise on oil price also raises the manufacturing cost of the downstream industry such as plastic, drug, cleaner, helminthic at the same time. Final, oil price tall look forward to also affects trade, because the enterprise must pay higher carriage cost.

Since May 1, 2004, malaysia government already increased gas price 3 times, from 1.37 Lin Ji spy / liter is moved to liter of 1.52 / of Lin Ji spy, in order to reduce governmental allowance.

Since this year, oil price had risen about 57% . The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)11 member country agrees in a period of ten days of this the middle of a month, rise from July 1 everyday increase production 500 thousand pails; If oil price lasts tall look forward to, it is the consideration before September again increase production 500 thousand pails. But about announce to did not make oil price goes situation drop in temperature, in the Comex, price of crude oil futures ever touched for a time last week of bucket of 60 dollars / new tall.

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