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Main big company takes Japan seriously China is right China investment will cont
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Japan " read sell news " 27 days of published findings show, at present main big company is opposite Japan China investment desire is strong, the Japanese big company that has 57% expresses clearly to want to expand and manage the investment to China.

" read sell news " to Japan 100 main and large companies undertook investigating a few days ago. Among them, the company that has 21% expresses to want to continue to expand in Chinese investment, the company that has 36% expresses to want to preserve present investment scope, without an enterprise the plan narrows investment dimensions perhaps wants evacuate China market.

About the strategy in Chinese market, the company that has 37% expresses to want the development case according to Chinese market, increase in Chinese investment, the company that has 32% thinks to want to take the balance problem of Asian market seriously, the company that has 14% thinks to want to strengthen the risk management in Chinese joint ventures.


Chinese market is become

Key of strategy of issue of trade of 3 water chestnut

Henceforth two to 3 years, issue of trade of 3 water chestnut is about to be in Japanese well-known company China undertakes 300 million - the investment of 400 million dollar. This is issue of trade of 3 water chestnut standing executive trustee holds the company limited concurrently issue of trade of Chinese total delegate, 3 water chestnut (China) limited company president holds general manager Wu Tiansheng concurrently year disclosed in Beijing a few days ago.

Wu Tiansheng year say, issue of trade of 3 water chestnut will continue to increase the investment strength that is in China henceforth. In the management plan of this company, china has made one of its strategy focal points, the company still held water technically in headquarters for this " room of Chinese career strategy " . Wu Tiansheng year announce at the same time, run a plan to realize metaphase of 3 water chestnut " INNOVA-TION2007 " " in long-term development strategy " , strengthen the business that is in China, issue of trade of 3 water chestnut still opened the website of Chinese edition in April this year. In the meantime, the webpage of limited company of China of issue of trade of 3 water chestnut also is in correcting. This also is a link that this company strengthens Chinese strategy.

It is reported, 3 water chestnut had had history of 135 years up to now. Head office of 3 water chestnut founds 1870, 1946 disintegrate. 1954 reconstitute issue of new trade of 3 water chestnut. 3 water chestnut share the legal person of many 40 respective independence in the group now. Among them, there had been 26 in what China begins professional work.

Issue of trade of 3 water chestnut began 1980 first sortie China. Current, issue of trade of 3 water chestnut shares employee in China nearly 500 people. Fierce cropland gets the better of chronological table to show, issue of trade of 3 water chestnut regards Japanese folk as the enterprise, behoove takes the lead in strengthening the communication that reachs a society with now enterprise. He thinks, climate is one of influencing factor admittedly, but both sides wants to be able to have same sincerity only, promote communicate each other, understanding and communication, can achieve collective progress.
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