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Oil of the sea in stalk of master of 41 congressman couplet of United States buy
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According to coming from the message of American respect, assemblyman of 41 United States Congress already delivered an open letter jointly to American president Bush recently, urge bush-administration " limited company of marine to China oil (the sea in abbreviation is oily) buy the United States to actor or actress Nikeshi should be made an appointment with of oily company with ready money of 18.5 billion dollar undertake be checkupped strictly " , in order to affirm in sea oil is right actor Buddhist nun of the division buy whether can be opposite national security of the United States causes menace.

There is assemblyman of the Democratic Party already in what sign on this letter, also have republic party assemblyman. These assemblyman express in letter, of every 67 dollars that oil of the sea in be opposite offers buy should feel about " very anxious " .

They warn American government in the letter, once in sea oil is right actor Buddhist nun division buy a success, will cause menace to national security of the United States, at the same time the relevant and patent technology of family company meets actor Buddhist nun likely by in sea oil is obtained.

In the way that the dragon of competitor snow Buddha of sea oil offers to increase a share with ready money of 16.4 billion dollar before this buys actor Buddhist nun division.

It is reported, this company is trying at present with in sea oil is right actor Buddhist nun of the division buy a likelihood to endanger American state security and energy policy for, the sea in preventing is bought oilily. The expert points out, in there will be a hard contention between sea oil and company of snow Buddha dragon.

The controller of mass organizations of a few United States expresses, the concern of these assemblyman is needless actually, they all think, united States Congress do not answer sortie commerce trades.

Occupy the personage inside course of study to analyse, the move of 41 afore-mentioned assemblyman causes the move of any legislative sides unlikelily, at the same time the amount of these assemblyman also can't be comprised vote organization, in order to make American Boule passes any bill.

According to the United States the law 1988, when American abroad investment committee has evidence to prove foreign company is right of American company buy go to menace when American country is safe, american president has authority to overrule this to buy.

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