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High oil price is frying a pour oil on the fire in abate international to econom
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Estimation oil price every rise 10 dollars, global GDP falls below growth 0.5% ; Must realise nevertheless, deduct inflationary factor, today's oil price is every pails of 28 dollars about, far under the height level when two oil crisis; If eliminate dollar depreciates element, today's oil price slightly under 50 dollars, this is world economy did not suffer the reason that inflict heavy losses on because of high oil price

When oil price pounded every pails of 50 dollars last year, the market is astonished, the whole world does it in a state of anxiety like that, predicting economic depression appears even the there are plenty of such people that sluggish bilges; Oil price wanders on 50 dollars now, without what the market is panicky already however, economy seems to also was not affected greatly, the prophet of doomsday people also disappeared.

Oil price was in last year 50 dollars when, most analyst thinks the price will be very quick fall after a rise, predicting oil price falls the person that returns 30 much dollars is not little; Very few today somebody thinks oil price can drop split 40 dollars, it is much the analyst that a few newspapers give every pails of 100 dollars. Each country government, Central Bank and business circles cacique also do good oil price to stop drop, the psychology that perhaps rises further prepares.

Whole world is oily to stone of the price anticipate changing, oil price tall look forward to appears to compare an imagination to negative effect of economy want light.

Oil new increase production can be limited

Oil price keeps kowtowing of late knocking 60 dollars a pail gate, its are basic face reason is Oupeike the resolution that increases oil production does not make a person be convinced. Really, exceed historical level in oil price today, admire of great majority Europe overcomes member country already secretly put into high gear, excess load oil extraction.

Sand spy and Iraq are two only Oupeike that have odd productivity petroliferous country. Nevertheless Iraq suffers domestic situation to affect, no matter petroliferous still carry oily link is put in major obstacle, supply a side not to go up to global oil temporarily busy. Be in especially dene 3 months already finished the head to produce per year can outspread plan completely this year, it is the absolutely brunt that Oupeikezeng produces. But, be in everyday increase production 1 million bucket hind, but the wildcat of actuate already actuate, build go into operation of wildcat Shang Mo, it is especially dene on quantity of new increase production also ability not equal to one's ambition.

Of the Russia before Russia is mixed in inferior each homebred oily ability still has have more than needed, but petroleum pipeline and haven explode already full. Assure and can not take a letter what so Oupeike increases oil to supply further at the market.

Go up in demand at the same time, anticipate economy of occurrence United States, China puts delay to did not appear, and delayed 6 months backward at least. The summertime electricity shortage that small business inventory of the United States and China face stimulated the fancy of the market more.
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