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Even if be opposite,Ying Bo closes definitely Lianheng Europe beats heart way ag
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European Union peak can be in distance " the day of slippery Tielu " during still having 3 hours, conclude cloudily.

Each country attending the meeting still is done not have with respect to European Union 2007-2013 year plan of metaphase finance budget is reached consistent, 25 summit between continuously the intense debate of 14 hours, did not break up not only law carry on one's shoulder is fair the haze after casting failure, the algidity that the Napoleon before making complete Europe is experienced instead experiences in slippery iron Lu and depressive confidence.

Associated press suspects whether European unifinication process already lost way. " new York Times " criterion hit the mark with a single comment: "Everything because of money, money makes the most primitive affection replaced political dream. Money makes the most primitive affection replaced political dream..

Difficult Nai rich nation disputes benefit

Exceed national orgnaization as, european Union finance takes use at each country at each country, its dimensions origin and the intermediary that allocating all through the ages is dispute.

Budget of finance of first metaphase after this the European Union expands, argued above all the scale that the budget takes each country gross domestic product. 106.3 billion euro was obtained last year estimated European Union committee, the view spends budgetary specified amount by each country gross domestic product 1% litres come 1.24% . Heart, flower, 6 only contributive states such as law, carry on one's shoulder are natural it is to want strive to manage the current situation.

The European Union is estimated the majority basically is used at backward area to expand aid and agricultural allowance, those who get help " junior " proportional argy-bargy is segmented to pasty with respect to lack between the country.

What can make a person be surprised is, although this financial of European Union metaphase adds the 10 countries that control a part to basically join league newly last year for the help to develop infrastructure, but the hamster new personality that heads with Poland expresses to be willing to abandon helping partly however, this makes this Europe civil war is not to happen in end directly rich between, be in however wealthy country ministry.

The largest Pandora's box, it is England in insisting to pay to clean capture of European Union budget from it, obtain in proportion return a money, and the couplet of France and Germany sleeves object. Then the England of an eye for an eye is in Holand, Sweden to wait for a country below boost the morale of, to from hold European Union budget most France is benefited to say in the agricultural allowance of 40% not.

Face country of the end on the conference to mediate a dispute, rich nation the occasion of each other cuff and kick, premier look gram says the state of chairman of European Union spell that leaves off his post soon helplessly again and again, "I feel discreditable " .
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