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The United States plans to strengthen right China export control is set be restr
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American Department of Commerce expresses 24 days, will revise inside this year right China exit restricts policy, impose control in order to father likelihood " changeover is for military use " civilian things exports China.

Right " the army and the people is amphibious " the product will be carried out chase case examine make

According to Japan " produce classics news " report, before, to " the likelihood turns for for military use " civil article, american guiding principle is to want to accord with relevant condition only, can be opposite China exit, but henceforth this kind civilian things will try prohibit in in principle, for this, the United States will be carried out chase case checkup output allows a system.

Report, the United States is right to European Union and Israel China weapon exit tries obstruct, strengthen pair of Hua Min things this to export control, aim " monitoring " likelihood " turn for for military use " hi-tech flows to China.

Benefit Teng Baomu is in undersecretary of representative of American Department of Commerce 23 days on congress hearing, to American company exit high-tech expresses to China " care " . Benefit vacates Bao Mu to say, be opposite newly China export control regulation will be prevented in the round did not add control, likelihood to turn to export China for the hi-tech goods of for military use once upon a time, he still lifted aerostat relevant spare parts is exemple.

Department of Commerce of 24 days of United States confirms, via crossing sectional meeting hind, in future Department of Commerce of a few months will draft the new code with an extensive drag in, strengthen pair of Hua Min things to export control. According to this new code, the United States prohibits the principle " the likelihood turns for for military use " to Hua Min things is exported, a few more current the product that does not get control, apply for need to export charter below new code, additionally a few very easy approval is at present right China the product of exit, use at the composite material of commercial aircraft for example, likely below new code hard pass a barrier, before Department of Commerce hopes to be by this year, the United States is passed.

Benefit vacates Bao Mu to say, pass this statute, will right " the likelihood turns for for military use " civil article severe add clear, prevent its to be opposite thereby China output. But do not provide to the United States strategical the computer hardware of the meaning and semiconductor can are opposite China exit.

The United States lays aside lift a ban to make work to Hua Jun to the European Union " express satisfaction "

The Sino-US trade couplet that held in April last year appoint on the meeting, sino-US signed final user to visit an agreement, this was considered as the United States to become loose to be opposite China the limitation that exports high-tech. But official of American Department of Commerce points out, current United States most of care is to be on guard " Chinese military affairs rises abruptly " , because this should avoid the technology of exit or goods and materials to the utmost by " turn for for military use " .
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