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Collapse of 911 worlds trade studies the report gives heat main reason is onesel
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911 incident happen near 4 years, a report that studies why world trade double tower collapses 23 sunrise furnace. Phoenix is defended inspect cite to report content says, the reason that the building collapses is the fire prevention material that goes up because of in-house girder be destroyed below the circumstance of smolder, bring about lose the power that prop up. The building can be collapsed by the oppressive ability of itself weight.

Report proposal, american each district should change requirement of high-rise architectural building materials, find a place for fire flees for his life at the same time appropriative elevator, in order to avoid similar the gigantic catastrophe of 911 incident happens once more. Bureau of Standards of science and technology of American Department of Commerce, country spent time of 3 years,

Exceed the funds of 16 million dollar to make this report that come, proposal United States should study development goes the high-rise building materials with fire prevention better sex, at the same time each district government also should pass through legislation, fortify the fire prevention standard of high-rise, the requirement finds a place for structural sex flees for his life by force special elevator.

Researcher is research target with world trade double tower, extensive collect data, the hope understands the real reason that causes building collapse. The building materials that this report thinks world trade double tower is used and structural design do not have a problem, because the fire prevention material on girder is destroyed below high temperature,be, otherwise world trade double tower won't collapse possibly.

Say in the report, if the elevator of world trade double tower has fireproof safeguard, the number of 911 incident casualty can reduce the likelihood considerably.

The report returns a proposal, each district government should improve rescuing communication system at the same time high-rise a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces this device the communication record of a similar black case implement, the communication content of personnel of record spot rescue, so that after the event has research.

Put forward to exceed 30 proposal in all inside the report, but these are the research gain that American confederative orgnaization makes only, do not have the effectiveness that government of requirement each district carries out compulsively.

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