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CEO of chief foreign nationality goes to take up office Buddhist nun of Japanese
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The month on the Buddhist nun announces: Give what the well extends to wait for 4 to leave one's post personnel will obtain 7.02 million dollar to leave one's post gold

The partner of Suo Ni company approves Howard Sitelinge to take up the post of presiding apparitor at 22 days, this is the CEO that personage of foreign nationality of the first place on history of Suo Ni company holds the position of.

The foreigner heads Japanese traditional firm

That day, more than 6000 partner attend a meeting in a guesthouse of Tokyo, the conference approves the Sitelinge that has England and American dual nationality to take up the post of Suo Ni CEO, replace hold a post a well that is as long as 10 years extend. The window in career of profession of Si Telin case is the music that revitalized Suo Ni and business of movie and TV. 22 days, in be as long as in the conference of two hours, he and administrator of other high level accepted the inquiry of partner. Suo Ni confronts unprecedented crisis at present, in going 5 years, suo Ni's share price drops to be less than original in part. Accordingly, the inquiry of partner basically centers in Sitelinge promote a plan.

Suo Ni is in crossroad

Go up in this conference, give what the well extends to wait for high-level personnel to admitted to the crisis that electronic business faces is despised before this, lead to blunder thereby. They still say, suo Ni has top-ranking technology, because this wants the research, taste that caters to consumer hard only, suo Ni can walk out of predicament. Appoint a foreign country be related of person of factitious palm door to the company, give what the well extends to point out, the citizenship of CEO is not important, "More important is, whether does this leader have administrative ability, and hold why to plant spirit of enterprise " .

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