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Bottleneck of be thwarted policy encounters trustful crisis euro will move towar
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Go up, go downward? Euro exchange rate wanders in historical inflection point. Latter, the concussion be issued to lower levels of euro caused market attention, it is under the setting of be thwarted of European unifinication process, of euro is going weak short-term wave motion or long-term trend after all? Answer this decisive issue to need to to politics of European Union whole and economic atmosphere one has an insight into in the round. The angle that decides a mechanism from exchange rate looks, european Union constitution gets difficult labor of plan of refus, budget mere perhaps to euro it is a fuse only, euro currency value in recent years strong backside under cover is a lot of secret worry, erupt of these secret worry along with all the others be destined euro will be in long-term inside return to weak force.

Euro confronts trustful crisis

From the point of monetary function, the its value measure, medium of circulation, play that pays method, deposit the function should be based on the market to trust adequately to its. Lacking trustful money to be destined is not acceptability general equivalent, be destined to be able to be acted only " weak currency " part. Look from the history, euro lacks politics to know the same feeling all the time, no matter the European Union says from constituent structure or administrative function not be the system entity that an unitary state perhaps owns a country to consolidate administrative function, however an interpose organizes the economic politics combine between at sovereign state home and international, euro stays for a long time in merely " economy indicates " the fact of level makes its lack the requirement that makes strong money.

And, self-identity of this kind of politics feels lose quickening now. Be in England, because worry about the status of international banking center that loses England, although Blair all the time apt joins euro division, but the Englishman is not willing to abandon pound from beginning to end, of euro near future inside be being stranded outside care is sturdy more conservative belief of the Englishman, braun already discharged British finance minister to add the possibility of euro area besides England a few days ago, and the Englishman can go up in European Union peak of pair of budget plan by every means create difficulties for sb is to let member of most European Union feel disgusted very more, england is in European Union by " the brim is changed " may ceaseless enlarge.

Be in Germany, " star " magazine in June head periodical ascends an article to say, german money grows Wei Baiceng of Aixieer and president of German federal bank to had discussed the issue that European money alliance fails, at the same time the report of committee of experts of cite Germany Ministry of finance says, introducing euro to plan is to cause the matter that fatigued and weak, unemployment rate lives German economy not to fall high. · Clay door also is opposite German economy and labor minister Wolfgang especially mechanical European Central Bank offerred criticism, think invariable uniform monetary policy brought massive harm to German economy.
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