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Congress of American money long warning does not pass commerce punish to be appl
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American money grows warning of Si Nuo Zhou Si to say, if United States Congress is applied to China through sanction means,press will arise counteractive.

"If be approved now any one refers congressional to punish measure second reading, will make we this effort all one's efforts wasted, " say in the testimony that Si Nuo is preparing for senatorial finance committee.

Si Nuo and American federal lay in committee (Chairman FED) Gelinsipan put up with is Sino-US economic impact addresses to assemblyman, at present congress reachs the care of American exporter interest to warm up increasingly to caustic of exchange rate policy.

Silent of easy of assemblyman of dangshen of democracy of the new York before this, south case of assemblyman of city republican dangshen pulls Kaluolaina Chinese Mu and Ni Yazhou of guest evening standard are republic dangshen assemblyman Yinggelishidi, if China does not adopt the exchange rate system that provides flexibility more, press through raising custom duty to be applied to China.

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