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Crude price defeats beautiful airline of every pails of 57 dollars to raise 10 d
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On April 1, reply certain international crude price a little once more violent wind rises. Price of crude of Newyork city field dish in highest reach 57.7 dollars, final in order to break through the costly closing quotation of every pails of 57 dollars, achieve the history again new tall.

That day, the price of light qualitative crude that the Comex delivered the goods May every pails eventually dish rise 1.87 dollars, go up 3.4% , reach 57.27 dollars. This price break the historical record high of every pails of 56.72 dollars that achieved on March 18 this year. With day, the North sea of bourse of London international oil Bulunte crude oil futures price rose every pails May 2.22 dollars, with 56.51 dollars the newspaper closes.

Suffer oil price to rise influence of this one element, main airline of the United States is including to come at present Hawaiian with Alaska airliner inside a lot of United States home the fare of double Cheng airliner is full on move 10 dollars, raise price the 4th times when a month comes to the airline that this already was the United States. It is reported, fuel cost occupies the 1/5 of airline totle drilling cost about.

Concerned respect thinks, the main reason that causes oil price to lift once more has at 3 o'clock. Above all, the gasoline demand figure that announced recently as a result of American energy department is compared last year tower above of the corresponding period 2% , nearly 3 trade gasoline futures price rises greatly since day 10% . Senior energy analyst expresses, annual came in March during May, oily city is swelled dropping is by benzine the price is led, and of gas price this lifts drove crude price undoubtedly rise. Next, because the market anticipates oil price goes tall generally, more congenial capital and buy the home to enter the market. In addition, american company made oil price may rise quickly on March 31, may reach every pails of 105 dollars finally forecast, also be one of causes that cause oil price to rise.

To oil price of international crude market this rises phenomenon, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Oupeike) He De of law of minister of energy of chairman, Kuwait emphasized pointing out on April 2, still rising ceaselessly in view of international market oil price, put up with adds country of member of Europe admire gram the 2nd times daily output begins 500 thousand pails to negotiate afresh.

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