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Gaocheng releases research report to say oil price will go up split every pails
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On March 31, gaocheng releases a research to report, say crude price can rise to 105 dollars in the near future / bucket. Make this " breathtaking " fatidical is the group of Gao Cheng's analyst that heads with ArjunMurti.

Murti say, because demand rises, so oil price can rise " enough reduces consumption and achieve again unused produce can " degree. " however, this report is in mention crude oil to rise reason however not likely has new idea: "Afterwards oil price went up to 40-50 dollar last year / after the bucket, the world, especially the demand of the United States and China unexpectedly driving still, this is astonishing. This is astonishing..

Gao Cheng conclusion is authentic, who also judge of have no way, be just like second half of the year is high last year Cheng Yeceng " propaganda to the enemy at the front line " say, "The technology of the dollar rebounds will last for some time, later another gas drops to 1 euro add 1.45 dollars " , everybody does not know pair of faults at that time.

Nevertheless, thinking means of Gao Cheng is OK still of judge. What discover very easily is too over- " linear " , because oil price is rising,can cause global economy on one hand damage, then depress demand; On the other hand, meeting stimulation is supplied.

SanfordC.Bernstein&Co. Analyst BradHintz estimates, be in wall street, gaocheng and Magenshidanli are two the greatest energy resources trade business, two trade in the sources of energy respect year income exceeds 1 billion dollar. And Gao Cheng, divide encroach on the sources of energy heavier outside, still have " index of Gao Cheng commodity " , this index is in huge of weight of the sources of energy Chicago commerce bourse (CME) still has futures to trade.

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