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Move valence and urban progress mode to choose to much center subway from homoce
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Before before long, shanghai was held " hearing of price of orbit traffic air " . Allegedly " orbit traffic moves valence hearing " on, the delegate is main around " section time-sharing " and " section fare " two plan undertake hearing of witnesses is mixed than choosing. Although still do not know which plan to be knocked finally to decide at present, but itself of the plan that move price aroused each controversy.

Really, there are a series of problems in subway operation at present, among them the most outstanding is almost all track lines are in workaday 7 when to 9 when and 17 when to 19 when two heights period of time, be faced with everyday exceed laden movement, highest and average be fully loaded with rate be as high as 125.1% , brought " crowded " wait for a lot of inconvenience, and offsetted on certain level of orbit traffic " time, calm dot and convenient " function and action.

So, whether can these problems get be settlemented effectively through moving valence way? Moving price is the choice of a kind of plan, but not be only support program.

There is a fundamental to call demand price elasticity on economics, those who point to is the price changes the demand that cause changes fluctuant to the price response rate. If from demand price elasticity classification looks, one kind among them belongs to demand price to lack flexibility, namely the degree that the price changes the extent that can cause demand to change is less than the price to change. Say commonly, the demand price elasticity of the necessaries of life is smaller. The subway serves as a kind of necessaries of life, its price is fluctuant the range that causes effective demand to change won't be very big, in other words, the subway gives the necessaries of life of a consumption as people, in a sense, no matter how the price changes, how much won't effective market demand also reduce, go out need is multiplied by the subway, the price changes here not big to the influence of market demand. Say from this meaning, the subway rises in price to won't affect the billabong of guest discharge greatly actually, cannot achieve the subway completely " decompression " action.

Before a few years bubbling with noise Chun Yuntie road moves price, fail to alleviate effectively likewise the transport power of railroad, because spring people is right during carry the demand of railroad also does not have any flexibility almost actually, after although railroad price rises,the mood that the Spring Festival reunites makes, still cannot alleviate people is right the powerful demand of railroad, after result railroad rises in price, still caused actually " actor price but not be high grade " eristic, say according to manage, after the price promotes, people ought to acquire better railroad service and quality, but if rise in price,fail to alleviate effectively passenger flow pressure, bring about likely actually " actor value is not excellent " risk.

On the other hand, if will see the subway from public weal angle, the author thinks, regard public traffic of a kind of city as establishment, its itself has the characteristic of public weal. That is to say, urban public traffic cannot adjust quite completely according to proper motion of rule of market supply and demand. From the point of public weal angle, public traffic develops, include its circuitry design to wait, must consider from citizen welfare, its time the means of the price considers convenient common people to go out above all row, is not consideration gain. For example, some public line, if will look from welfare angle, without giving thought to today this circuitry passenger flow how many, must time calm dot moves, cannot think to go out possibly today without the person row, cancel or pause; Also cannot think this circuitry passenger flow will increase suddenly tomorrow quite, try to alleviate through carrying value kind pressure. The subway serves as a kind of important public traffic, cannot quite complete according to seek profits blame of decision of pattern of market product price seeks profits the price of the public weal product of property, both has certain distinction.
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