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Coulee of week of Central Bank president: Current China interest rate is in appr
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On June 27, when coulee of week of president of Chinese Central Bank attends the international that Swiss Basel holds to liquidate bank plenary meeting, express, chinese interest rate is in appropriate level at present.

Current, 1 year of China period time deposit interest rate is 2.25% , 1 year period loan interest rate is 5.58% .

Zhou Xiaochuan expresses to the reporter, now this period, interest rate level is proper. He points out, although economic growth is driving, but inflationary rate is falling. However, the price of crude oil and raw material is being climbed litre, create inflationary pressure to future thereby.

Zhou Xiaochuan says, interest rate level of future will depend on crude price, and with China the height of grain crop circumstance this year is relevant. He thinks, when deciding level of prospective interest rate, need watchs the trend of oil price, and the inflationary risk that this trend place brings.

He says, case of economic increase rate is good, but the growth that need has reform of sex of a few structures will adjust certain economy domain.

Reform a problem in the light of the bank, zhou Xiaochuan points out, 3 large banks already undertook recombining mixing capital structural adjustment, the reform of the commercial bank has made progress at anticipating.

Zhou Xiaochuan did not publish a comment to RMB problem that day, but he reiterated on June 26, any measure that allow a RMB to appreciate will be advance gradually type. Zhou Xiaochuan is special still point out, united States Congress is applied to China on RMB problem pressure, china does not mind pressure, but will be progressively reform ready-made. He says, china still must note the rate that reforms related home, he thinks the place of China that there often is too much unbalance in the project.

Come from international to liquidate a bank nearly 300 delegates of 55 shareholder central bank, client central bank and international banking organization attended the meeting. Price of situation of finance of economy of current whole world, oil takes presidents attending the meeting the problem of the collective care such as situation and policy impact and central bank collaboration undertook discussion.

Conference of Asian advisory committee is chaired by week coulee president, discussed how to strengthen international to liquidate bank and collaboration of Asian central bank to wait for a problem, place the conference to be held at was in Shanghai in Feburary 2006 definitely.

Can go up in the president, should the requirement of conference chairman, zhou Xiaochuan still introduced the newest case of Chinese economy, especially the result that measure of macroscopical economy adjusting control obtains, be imported with respect to our country petrolic and energy use situation made the introduction.

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