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Asia-Europe will build economy and finance to break out incident urgent dialog m
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The money of the 6th Asia-Europe that concludes afternoon in 26 days grows the conference, delegate attending the meeting agrees consistently to publish " Tianjin is initiated " , agree to build Asia-Europe to answer economy and finance to break out incident urgent dialog mechanism, the event of finance of large-scale sudden economy that produces possibly for future establishs effective conversational medium of communication.

When Li Yong of undersecretary of Ministry of finance accepts a reporter to interview at this point, express, the urgent dialog channel that answers sudden incident is established below frame of Asia-Europe money long meeting, the joint resolution that conveyed Asia-Europe conference to answer difficulty and the apiration that answer to undertake harmony with rescuing action to measure.

"This dialog mechanism is to be below the frame of Asia-Europe money long meeting, put forward to answer the solution of sudden incident from economic angle. And, the Asia-Europe below this dialog mechanism coordinates the action will be open sex, not repellent and other country supports with what international organizes and suggest, " he says.

The profundity that people breaks out incident to financial domain remembers nothing is more... than 1997 Asian banking crisis. Although this crisis already went 8 years, but a lot of Asia countries mention the disastrous consequence that it causes at that time still one's heart still fluttering with fear. This banking crisis is afterwards after crisis of economy of 30 time world, have the another major event of far-reaching influence to global economy.

Li Yong says, develop as the development of economic globalization, incident of all sorts of paroxysmal economy finance break through the bounds of country and area, affecting different area the production of people lives.

He says: "Build urgent dialog mechanism to be helpful for raising Asia-Europe to answer the ability of the crisis from the system, enhance Asia-Europe both sides to carry the consciousness of responsibility in all to prevent and handling the crisis.

Outside removing urgent dialog mechanism, " Tianjin is initiated " still include fiducial to Asia-Europe fund to carry out a circumstance to undertake assessment, the content such as the ability construction that strengthens field of Asia-Europe money gold.

Long meeting of money of the 6th Asia-Europe is Asia-Europe conference expand into hold after 39 members first money grows the conference, regard a chairman as the country, china undertook active and sufficient preparation, showed in order to speak the close difference, positive attitude that with materiality of specific proposal stimulative Asia-Europe money gold cooperates.

Li Yong says: "As the significant gain of this second congress, " Tianjin is initiated " will drive Asia-Europe to build closer money gold cooperation further, joint prosperity develops stimulative Asia-Europe. Joint prosperity develops stimulative Asia-Europe..
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