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39 countries wealth is long hand in hand Jin Renqing of collaboration of Asia-Eu
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Agree consistently to build should break out incident to economy and finance urgent dialog mechanism

On June 26, money of the 6th Asia-Europe grows the conference to kick off in Tianjin. The tenet of Asia-Europe money long meeting is to pass dialog and negotiation to drive economy is mixed between Asia-Europe the collaboration of the domain such as finance.

Economy of whole world of menace of oil price tall look forward to

Money attending the meeting is long people anticipate, world economy will maintain driving growth 2005. Money is long people point out, situation of world economy progress is favorable 2004, it is to go 30 years to grow rate one year the fastest. And the world economy that maintained driving growth 2005, assets of the macroscopical economic policy with main appropriate profit from, company is indebted the support of the improvement of the state and finance banking environment. With respect to area economic situation character, money is long people think economy of East Asia region will continue to maintain rapid growth, will continue to regard global economy as one of main impetus of growth. Growth of euro region economy will be more smooth 2005, system of burgeoning Europe economy will achieve the growth that can last.

Money is long people special remind, go tall to mix continuously the oil price of constant wave motion will be minatory the growth of global economy, browbeat especially the economy that depends on the economic put oneself in another's position with high rate and developing country to oil grows. Another risk of existence is, as continuity of dilate of current whole world, a few nations are latter somewhat assuasive inflation pressure reproduces the likelihood. Accordingly, continue to avoid to oil price rises and be brought the 2nd round it is very important to conduct effect. Money is long people appeal petroliferous country raises oil yield, improve oil production, demand and the data that collect an amount to offer, create favorable environment to undertake through supplying chain oil invests. Money is long people the importance that emphasized investing new productivity, managing the sources of energy and development to be able to replace fuel at the same time. For this, money is long people the means such as the diaphaneity that agrees to should speak through strengthening and strengthen oil market will strengthen oil to produce the harmony between country and consumptive country.

Money is long people the deep-felt attention that still conveyed lopsided to global economy phenomenon. Money is long people emphasize, reduce these lopsided can grow continuously to ensuring global economic stability is mixed inside metaphase crucial. For this, money is long people realise, all and relevant country is necessary to adopt a variety of approaches, take proper step, make contribution to be adjusted of global economy in order.

Jin Renqing responds to problem of two large central issues
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