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Congenial capital increases money of reform pressure Asia-Europe to grow hold ou
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According to Hong Kong big bulletin delivers the report from Tianjin, the finance head of many countries or orgnaization people what this newspaper accepted after conference opening ceremony ends grow to interview in money of the 6th Asia-Europe, they all express to hold to the position with own exchange rate to express to support to China.

Kehe Weien of undersecretary of German Ministry of finance thinks, wen Jiabao's speech pointed out the way that RMB exchange rate reforms. He expresses, "We have no right to interfere sovereign state home to adopt why to plant exchange rate system, we await only, reform of RMB exchange rate does not have schedule " . In the meantime, he also thinks every country or economic system should assume the responsibility with a global lopsided economy, but the time of reform should be decided by him each country.

Rangpiaier Zhuxie of ambassador of total arrange of finance of French economy Ministry of finance says, china should decide his exchange rate reforms a progress independently. Nevertheless, he also emphasizes, all sorts of comment that reform to Chinese exchange rate on international and international capital appreciate to Chinese RMB " gamble " make Chinese government faces very great pressure, the likelihood affects reform of exchange rate system.

Black Tian Dongyan of president of Asian Development Bank expresses, beforehand grows a variety of anticipation of the conference to be reflected somewhat in Wen Jiabao's speech to this money. He also advocates exchange rate reforms should be advance gradually type all the time. Nevertheless, he expresses at the same time, china should adopt measure to relax RMB exchange rate stage by stage.

Irish finance minister also states the speech to Wen Jiabao is interested very, he thinks exchange rate is adjusted and exchange rate policy is very important thing, he holds with the attitude that Wen Jiabao demonstrates in the speech.

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