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Liu Mingkang weighs eligible city commercial firm to will be allowed to cross ar
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Chinese silver-colored inspect can be in 23 days say here, conference chairman Liu Mingkang points out Chinese silver inspect, urban commercial bank must build good company to administer structure and processing mechanism, build capital to restrain a mechanism, insist to close to reform, hurried develops in order to open. He still points out, to satisfying each superintendency requirement, and according to " system of grade of risk of share-holding system commercial bank (provisional) " the urban commercial bank that above level waits for in reaching commercial bank of existing share-holding system, meeting general allows silver-colored inspect stage by stage its cross area to manage.

Silver-colored inspect meets a chairman Liu Mingkang is to was in what when conference of job of Chinese city commercial bank and forum of development of urban commercial bank publish written address the 6th times on the conference, point out recently.

Liu Mingkang emphasizes, urban commercial bank the main way henceforth is to recombine to transform and be combined, each answer all right according to oneself actual condition and region economy grow a tendency, choose proper development mode.

He points out at the same time, crossing area to manage is not urban commercial bank lives the only way of development and ultimate goal, urban commercial bank should improve the market competition ability and can expand capacity continuously, the most essential is the extensive development mode that prevents light managing to weigh dilate with slam the door stoutly.

In addition, liu Mingkang puts forward to asked at 3 o'clock to urban commercial bank. Above all, want to build good company to administer structure and processing mechanism. He points out, answer to strengthen a company to administer construction from 6 respects, want to hold to droit and depart of photograph of right of administration; Should enhance democracy decision-making with in-house tie; Should make a bank the strategic goal of steady progress; Want to build scientific drive to restrain a mechanism; Should execute ask strictly duty make; Should cogent strengthen diaphaneity construction, build perfect information to announce a system.

Next, want work up capital to restrain a mechanism. Build capital especially additional lasting effect mechanism, capital of complement of much channel, diversity, implementation lasts steady progress.

Finally, liu Mingkang asks, want to continue to insist to close to reform, hurried develops in order to open. Want to introduce foreign strategy investor actively, draw lessons from mode of the bank that enrol business, with " heavy gold " introduce international to just be mixed only administrative experience. Should produce the advantage of native land bank more, the cooperation that strengthens bank of endowment of China and foreign countries to go up in breed of specific professional work, increase business innovation capacity.

It is reported, at present China has 5 to come the negotiation job related 6 cities commercial bank and foreign capital already neared end.
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