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Financial domain is brewing 36 finance reforming survey team to ask plan ferry S
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Of domain of a finance " 36 " brewing. A few days ago, economic Commission of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference organized survey group to be opposite ferry, Shanghai, deep the finance of 3 ground is superintendency orgnaization, medium orgnaization of capital be in harmony and orgnaization of foreign capital finance had by a definite date the survey of a month, meaning the concussion that brings in orgnaization of finance of investigation foreign capital, the inequity that reachs its to exist, illegimate and " edge ball " phenomenon.

The Liu Yong of president of new hope group that participates in survey is very right " daily of the first finance and economics " the reporter says, this survey and privately owned economy grow " 36 " survey is same, survey positive result will be written into the report to offer decision-making layer reference. Mention the successful survey last year, liu Yong is good very excited, hope this investigation report also can by in the center of adopt.

As we have learned, at the beginning of this month, survey group is superintended to the finance of Tianjin city above all orgnaization, medium orgnaization of capital be in harmony and foreign capital orgnaization undertook survey; After returning Beijing, this month the last ten-day of a month, by president of silver-colored couplet of vice director of Economic Commission of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, China Liu Tinghuan takes the survey that the team had by a definite date 3 days to Shanghai; 24 days they fly to Shenzhen proceed survey, anticipate return Beijing today.

The survey team member of this more than 10 people includes: Group leader Liu Tinghuan, former president of industrial and commercial bank, Central Bank former assistant president, chinese silver-colored couplet currently holds the post ofpresident; Liu Yong is good, president of assistant president of bank of the people's livelihood, new hope group; Bang swallow, president of bank of an ancient name for China; Yan Jieyan, traffic bank former president; Yan Haiwang, central finance is versed in appoint silver-colored inspect of former secretary, China meets former secretary; Zhu Dengshan, chinese letter amounts to former president of asset management company; Ma Mingzhe, keep president of risk group company in safety; Xia Bin, the State Council develops director of institute of research center finance.

"We undertake communication with financial management department, have have an informal discussion with the financial orgnaization such as bank, negotiable securities, insurance, include orgnaization of foreign capital finance, the hope can hear safe to national finance development, finance view and proposal. " Liu Yong is good divulge, they opened 34 informal discussions in Shanghai, state-owned 5 big commercial banks arrive completely, share-holding system commercial bank, advocate if business is done so that compare the bank with good representative having to also have,participate in; The key of attention is sound superintendency system, normative finance orgnaization waits to encounter a problem into lasting peace.
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