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The Central Bank recommends movable guaranty to be versed in travel Zhejiang sav
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Because of have the aid of " storehouse odd impawn " this is technically medium or small manufacturing company and the loan product that current business designs, the Zhejiang businessman Xu Jianzhong that does not borrow money to the bank borrowed many yuan of 500 loan from the bank at a draught. And putting the key point that borrows an industrial and commercial bank in, also be a burden no longer not only to the loan of medium and small businesses, turned gold into mine instead. The target that is versed in travel Zhejiang saves subsidiary bank is, strive for the position with be had 3 years significant on market of loan of immanent medium and small businesses.

Wu Xiaoling of assistant president of Chinese people bank just recommended this kind of new product 20 days -- enlarge movable mortgage limits, promote solve difficult problem of small company loan. She says, according to active law, money of goods in stock, receivable Zhang, collect fees these movables cannot regard the authority, crop that has not harvest as pawn and impawn content, this affected the financing ability of the enterprise, people bank is cooperating legislative branch to consider to bring into these movables the limits of guaranty, impawn. The Xiaolao in bank eye board slowly " heated "

Xu Jianzhong is Hangzhou desolate hill the private enterprise boss that the area produces steel tube, yielding steel tube basically is the product of form a complete set of all sorts of electric equipment products. Model of engine of the classics after armor plate enters a machine tool is pressed, those who come out is the steel tube fittings of all sorts of type that electric equipment product needs. Xu Jianzhong's company is not big, jiang Sanqiao leaving money is not far, office spot is a workshop of 2 buildings, just moved 2003.

Hit in steel tube industry went all out more than 10 years, xu Jianzhong is right " Qian Tu " confident, also sigh with emotion " rolled steel rises in price, wages rises, expense of daily management cost rises sharply, at every turn millions of yuan the folk that loan also is not high interest rate is leasehold and OK solve for a long time " .

Began two years once upon a time, the tall wool interest rate as a result of steely industry and the demand with downstream steady manufacturer, steel tube factory of Xu Jianzhong expands ceaselessly.

Labour travel Zhejiang saves branch company credit to be in Chen Jian of deputy director general to say: "Begin from the macroscopical adjusting control last year, we discover the popular trade such as steely, cement, estate in real business is not bank wholesale business any more the heat of Wu, and loan of medium and small businesses may make point of growth of money of bank the next, later ' blame is communal 36 ' sturdier the confidence of the bank. " for this, branch of province of labour travel Zhejiang established credit of medium and small businesses technically 2 class place.

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