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Air man of price of 5 ministries and commissions turns choose and employ persons
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Be related of airline recruit air man has civilian camp again new progress. Recently, the 5 ministries and commissions such as civil aviaton total bureau publish a document, the airline that provides air man of invite applications for a job should pay what 700 thousand ~210 differs 10 thousand yuan to turn not only membership due, if former unit does not put a person, air man cannot flow anyhow. Front of civilian battalion aviation faces unprecedented difficulty.

This file full name is " the opinion that makes sure about drifting management of normative flight personnel procession of civil aviaton flight is steady " , it is by civil aviaton total bureau combines human affairs ministry, labor and social security ministry, country endowment appoint do to allot jointly with legal system of the State Council. This " opinion " special point out: Use other aviation transportation enterprises to enrolling of on-the-job flight personnel, ought to be in an unit to undertake negotiation with its with flight personnel, reach after agreeing, just can deal with concerned formalities, recruit employ to groom according to active aviation transportation enterprises the real cost state of affairs of flight personnel, consult unit of 10 thousand yuan standard Xiang Yuan pays 700 thousand ~210 fee. Work to was not stopped with former servant unit or removing the flight personnel of the contract, must not build new work relation, sign labor contract.

Get military thing as civilian battalion aerial, two palm door people of Ao Kai and accipitral couplet's closest mood is very complex. "This issue is too sensitive, I also do not know how to should do, a moment ago attended a meeting to still discuss this issue, open flying plan to be able to suffer an effect for certain. " president of accipitral couplet aviation wishs the belt in triumphant utterance the move is helpless, accipitral couplet is domestic head home obtains batch of civilian battalion that prepare to construct airline, but look devoted at present after the time of operation should move again. "The civilian battalion aviation that other preparation prepares to construct is sure the conference is very difficult. " president of Ao Kai aviation holds sound of president Liu nimble concurrently is anxious very, ao Kai aviation is domestic head home leaves flying also is current open the civilian battalion aviation that fly exclusively.

Liu nimble sound thinks, of this one policy coming on stage basically is to manage the current situation, the flow of air man will be more difficult, protected the interest of traditional airline. "If traditional airline does not put a person, give 2.1 million yuan namely trashy also. " Dan Liujie sound thinks at the same time, had consult limits it may not be a bad idea, air man turns meeting at least has Zhang Ke follow. Ao Kai has air man many 80, among them many 10 get the influence of this policy, still need to talk things over with its a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord further.
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