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Lucky silver confirms become a shareholder of purpose the Bank of China is about
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Market rumor gets confirming again. Lucky silver-colored group releases announcement to say yesterday, this group is negotiating with the Bank of China build a partner to concern, be about to invest 500 million dollar to the Bank of China. The equity scale that this means lucky silver-colored group to buy will not too big, go in 10% even the equity of above still leave a seat vacant, await the participation of other foreign capital.

During outer bound undertakes negotiating with respect to lucky silver and Bank of China and be being passed bubbling with noisely, the unexpectedly released lucky silver-colored group actively yesterday announcement, say frankly lucky silver-colored group is undertaking palaver with the Bank of China, the partner that plans to establish mutually beneficial mutual benefit concerns.

Lucky silver-colored announcement shows, bilateral partner relationship will include to still need a certain number of agreed investment the commerce of banking Wu cooperates, lucky silver invests left and right sides of 500 million dollar possibly still, become the politic investor of the Bank of China. But bilateral negotiation still is continueing, specific details still was not announced.

In this week some earlier moment, concerned luck silver and in the message that negotiates all right spread fast. In light of the announcement that Cong Ruiyin issues, lucky silver costs 500 million dollar, can not be in the Bank of China hold is too much equity. Last year in August, the Bank of China turns over a card formally to be share-holding system company, total at that time capital stock is one hundred and eighty-six billion three hundred and ninety million, with this computation, the equity of lucky silver-colored hold is most also with respect to 3% .

Such, the Bank of China still stays very large space awaits other foreign capital to participate in. Li Lihui of Bank of China expressed in Seoul a few days ago, will sell not less than equity of 10% to investor of strategy of a foreign capital, the others share offers investor of other foreign capital, foreign capital invests total equity not to exceed 25% .

At present, hold Bank of China 10% even this more inviting positions still vacant, and heart volition bank, beautiful banner bank and Scotland are royal the most popular candidate that the bank is this position.

Although cannot hold is too much equity, but investment Bank of China will give lucky silver probably to bring brushstroke big IPO(makes public collect first) the business. Before this, ever the message says, lucky silver will hand over book of financial and advisory proposal to the Bank of China later on this month, and the Bank of China also will be being knocked later on appear on the market surely competence of the person that protect Jian.

In fact, the Bank of China already was in intense prepare to appear on the market. Li Lihui disclosed a few days ago, the Bank of China will be in the end of the year is finished this year appear on the market preparation works, because this is probable,IPO is finished formally in next year the beginning of the year. The ground name a person for a particular job of IPO is in Hong Kong, new York, London and Chinese inland choose or two places issue a share.
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