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India of China of system of two arousal economy is the different type that leads
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40 years ago, an attrib border war was made between China and India. Now, "Dragon " and " elephant " begin to have dance, the part is to compete, the part is to cooperate, they begin to change world economy order.

Hesperian thinks generally, china can have an advantage in manufacturing industry respect, india can provide call center and other IT service. But this kind of view too simplification.

Diana Farrell of director of institute of whole world of Mai Ken stannum says library of brain truster of American new York, the economic system of these two arousal blends in industry of one by one global economy. For example, china won't prevent it to expand service line of business in the advantage of electronic component and product side; India also won't make in the technical knowledge of software, project and respect of pharmacy line of business it excludes manufacturing industry, the middle class that does his utmost to cater to homeland to expand increasingly in two countries businessman especially during.

More important part depends on, two countries competition may make economy grows to be quickened further.

Up to a year of last year March, indian economy grows 8.5% actually, exceed the of 8.1% average increase rate after China came to deducted inflation 2002 1995 even. Last year, china with a list of names posted up of growth rate regain of 9.5% head.

The United States breaths out descendants of India of Buddha college business school to teach Dalun Connors to point out, a few China and Indian company are in the other side invests inside specific domain: Manufacturer of more telegraphic than consistent home China equipment already invested in India; And company of the package outside an India also already invest in China. He is forecasted, the speed of this kind of mutual investment can be accelerated.

China is to make most giant of Asia of common people exclamatory.

Recently, the 2nd India accelerated population house world to increase rate, caused wall street attention.

Last year, it is in the investment of Indian factory and equipment respect 4 billion to 5 billion dollar, the investment of 60 billion dollar that gets with China is compared is odd nevertheless. However, indian growth is rapid. Kekehaer thinks, indian industry and service department should grow 8% .

India and China have quite big spending market now. Rapid growth means Chinese economy year of income of a lot of people exceeds 20 thousand dollars; China has had the world's biggest mobile phone market, car market exceeded Germany.

Gross domestic product of Indian average per capita has Chinese in part only. But depend on different level and decide, the number that produces a class among them is 200 million to 250 million.

These two big countries are more and more competitive, it is the model that marchs toward prosperity with different way.

Chinese government is right of economic activity give aid to and coach over India government. Be close to as a result of national savings ratio 40% , it can be thrown gigantic endowment the infrastructure such as development road, bridge, haven and power station. These establishment add low cost able-bodied person, attracted the world of more than 8% to invest directly, help China built a plant and get technical knowledge and latest technology.
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