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Construction bank strives the plan appears on the market to make public put on s
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Introduce strategic investor at the same time, at the same time busy move goes abroad appear on the market, the Construction Bank can say is bear's paw holds concurrently with fim desire in pairs.

Yesterday, transmit a message from market of Hong Kong capital, say the Construction Bank had submitted the initial application that appear on the market at reaching place to Hong Kong couplet on June 22, the plan makes public put on sale inside year 15% right-and-left share.

At this point message, reporter and Construction Bank get in touch, construction Bank office is on duty personnel says to understand not quite, but he discloses to the reporter, fan Yifei of assistant of Construction Bank spokesman, president already went to Hong Kong at flying 21 days from Beijing.

Before this, fan Yifei ever expressed publicly, what the Construction Bank considers at present is minute of strategy that the pace appears on the market, first selection of the first pace appears on the market in Hong Kong, consider to return to field of A stock market again next. Nevertheless, fan Yifei still expresses, appear on the market finally time and place beard classics are approved about superintendency branch.

What is the purpose of the travel of Fan Yifei Hong Kong? The Construction Bank recombines change make do concerned personage to confirm to the reporter, the travel of Fan Yifei Hong Kong appears on the market with the Construction Bank really about, but do not agree to divulge however to detail. As we have learned, with the member still have Construction Bank someone else that Fan Yifei travels together.

The Construction Bank appears on the market advocate bear sell one of business the respect discloses Magenshidanli, fan Yifei basically is with Hong Kong couplet hands in place to undertake communication this, so that prepare to appear on the market inside year. As to whether to refer preliminary appear on the market application, respect one's words compares Magenshidanli ambiguous, say to communicate only and differ to give in city to apply for at handing in place to be carried formally to couplet, during and any appearing on the market applying for to approve, total need is communicated for many times.

Magenshidanli the respect is special still point out, make a provision according to Hong Kong couplet, outback company comes Hong Kong appear on the market, must entrust 2 accredit delegate, as appear on the market company and couplet make the main communication medium of communication between place. So, say hereat, fan Yifei is one of accredit delegates that the Construction Bank and Hong Kong couplet make a contact.

Whether can take out 15% right-and-left share to make public put on sale to the Construction Bank, the whole world the most top class buy financial and advisory England to invest a bank the analyst Monic that Luokexier is stationed in Hong Kong thinks data should be more accurate. His preach, make a provision according to Hong Kong couplet, market prise is little at 4 billion HK dollar, public hold share at least 25% ; Market prise is in above of 4 billion HK dollar, by decision of bourse take into consideration the circumstances, but general won't under 10% or 10%~25% .
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