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Type of bag of international of the 7th Shanghai removes dust technology and equ
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Sponsor an unit: Industry of institute of Chinese profession health is dustproof and professional committee
Northeast university
Center of technology of smoke control of industry of national environmental protection

Undertake unit: Shanghai Bo Wei shows service limited company

Issue an unit:

Remove solstice period: Came to held cycle on November 5, 2008 on November 3, 2008:
Establish time: Application ends:
Place country: Chinese province / city: Shanghai
Showpiece address: Shanghai smooth congress exhibits a center
Exhibit meeting content:

Chinese bag type removes dust industry year grand meeting

Chinese bag type removes dust the industry provides professional year exhibition and seminar most in the 5th exhibition 2007, the ginseng of nearly 100 companies that comes from 11 countries such as Austria, Holand, United States, Denmark, Australia, England, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and China and area is exhibited. 9 technologies seminar is held during the exhibition. Exhibiting was to attract more during the meeting come from Pakistan, Brazil, Belgian, Germany, Russia, Philippine, Finland, Korea, Holand, Malaysia, United States, Nepalese, Japan, Thailand, Turkey, Singapore, Iran, Italy, India, England, Saudi Arabia, .

The bag type with swift and violent development removes dust industry

Under the macroscopical program that 915 ” of “ reduce a platoon, bag type removes dust the industry welcomed new market good opportunity. Can say, industry of bag type dust catcher is to suffer policy to affect one of most apparent environmental protection industries. 2006, type of our country bag removes dust the industry appears the basic attitude that gave to develop steadily continuously, total production value amounts to 8.97 billion yuan, grow 38% compared to the same period. Among them, lead plane and engineering company production value amount to 6.82 billion yuan, grow 48% compared to the same period; Filter expects company production value amounts to 1.8 billion yuan, grew 15% last year together; Fittings company production value amounts to 350 million yuan. Type of our country bag removed dust 2007 industrial total production value predicts to will amount to 9.3 billion yuan or so, exit breaks through 100 million dollar to close greatly, filter expects dosage predicts to achieve left and right sides of 50 million square metre.

Contact: Ren Peng
Contact an address: Chinese Shanghai
Connect a telephone call: 86 21 5666 7352
Contact a fax: 86 21 6587 6480

Limits of item on display

Bag type dust catcher

Colander of bag of barrel type of colander of bag of type of wind of colander of bag of type of top of colander of colander of pulse type bag, aircrew type bag, storehouse, backflushing, filter, brace up colander of the bag that make type, by insert colander of bag of flat bag type, compound Qing Dynasty colander of grey type bag
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