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International of the 6th 2008 Guangzhou is clean room technology and equipment e
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Sponsor an unit: Chinese Electronic Society is clean association of industry of air conditioning of refrigeration of technical branch China is clean room technology committee

Undertake unit: 100 million sail of Guangzhou city show service limited company (major postpones meeting promotion and origanization construction)

Issue an unit:

Remove solstice period: Came to held cycle on September 7, 2008 on September 5, 2008:
Establish time: Application ends:
Place country: Chinese province / city: Guangzhou
Showpiece address: Guangzhou international conference exhibits a center (wide reach meeting Pa continent house)
Exhibit meeting content:

Ginseng exhibit content:
One, air purifying device and product:
All sorts of purifying filter of craft, fan is unit (FFU) , clean air conditioning; Inhaler, fan coil and ventilated equipment, efficient send blast tuyere, clean workbench, clean laminar flow self-purification of cover, air implement, purify air conditioning implement, ark of clean oven, wind and clean ark, purify cleaner, concentration type vacuum aspiration.
2, clean room (the room that do not have dirt) :
If health care of workshop of pharmacy of electronic workshop, surgery, GMP, food is tasted,produce the workshop that pack, cosmetic to produce the high order and degree such as the workshop that pack clean room (the room that do not have dirt) product of construction technology, building materials. If colour steel is compound,place core board, aluminium beehive board, purify the clean adornment plank such as aluminous material.
3, clean room (the room that do not have dirt) equipment of form a complete set and product:
Press desk of difference plan, smoke evacuation ark, experiment, purify lamps and lanterns to wait, air adds wet, dehumidify implement, the instrument of desiccator, environment that monitor, clear poisonous ark, antistatic equipment, prevent small brace up product, fall equipment of a confusion of voices, sound insulation, sound absorption, noise elimination and product, high pure industry.
4, clean room (the room that do not have dirt) special type material and product:
Clean material, air filters material and liquid filter top of material, wainscot, condole, clean floor, insulation material.
5, antistatic product:
Antistatic artifice belt, antistatic desk pad, screen bag, moistureproof screen bag, antistatic sponge, suck model box, component box, box of have enough to meet need, hollow board, antistatic forceps, wool is brushed, antistatic shade of curtain, condole, steel wears a car, workbench, antistatic chair, instrument of of all kinds and electrostatic test. Antistatic Cheng of floor, only chemical industry, static electricity proof packaging, other is antistatic product, antistatic floor wax, electric glue, antistatic agent, electric gauze / disappear brush.
6, refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilated establishment:
Lead plane of system of system of refrigeration equipment, refrigeration or aircrew, refrigeration reachs relevant fittings; Air conditioning and ventilated product: Various air conditioning implement reach product of form a complete set, refrigeration and air conditioning photograph to close product of form a complete set to wait.
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