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International of the 6th 2008 Guangzhou is antistatic product and clean technolo
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Sponsor an unit: Chinese Electronic Society is clean technical branch

Undertake unit: 100 million sail of Guangzhou city show service limited company (major postpones meeting promotion and origanization construction)

Issue an unit:

Remove solstice period: Came to held cycle on September 7, 2008 on September 5, 2008:
Establish time: Application ends:
Place country: Chinese province / city: Guangzhou
Showpiece address: Guangzhou international conference exhibits a center (wide reach meeting Pa continent house)
Exhibit meeting content:

Ginseng exhibit content:
One. Clean room things: Antistatic, dustproof purify take, purify a shoe, guaze mask, oversleeve, apron, clean bag, the fingertip that do not have pink, cut fingertip, prevent slippery fingertip, antistatic fingertip, antistatic prevent cloth, stick dirt mat, stick dirt platen, CPE shoe is covered, cover without the shoe that spin cloth, headgear, the glove that do not have dirt, antistatic glove, prevent slippery antistatic glove, emulsion glove, fourth nitrile glove, PVC glove, purify room with paper, pen, without dirt paper, without dirt dishcloth, purify dishcloth, purify the clean room such as cotton autograph to build technology and product with bad news material and clean room.
2. Antistatic things and equipment: Antistatic artifice belt, antistatic desk pad, screen bag, moistureproof screen bag, antistatic sponge, the things that pack, suck model box, package box, box of have enough to meet need, hollow board. Antistatic forceps, wool is brushed. Antistatic shade of curtain, condole. Steel wearing car, workbench, antistatic the clean room furniture such as chair. Instrument of of all kinds and electrostatic test, electrostatic arrester, electromagnetism is gun of compatible series, ionic wind, ionic fan.
3, antistatic material: Of all kinds antistatic floor, antistatic the project is plastic board (PVC, stick a face to wait) , antistatic organic glass board, static electricity proof packaging, antistatic balata, paint, coating.
4, system of computer computer room: Computer room is special constant of equipment of material of screen of equipment of floor, wallboard, ceiling, power source, electromagnetism, screen, shield door, constant temperature is wet the computer room such as air conditioning equipment, system of computer computer room is compositive, project of system of computer computer room (project of project of project of programmed control computer room, workshop of production of computer computer room, semiconductor, carrier wave computer room) wait.
5, other is antistatic product: Antistatic the application such as brush of lacquer of floor wax, floor, electric glue, antistatic agent, electric gauze, disappear Yu Jie is clean, antistatic of the place a series of antistatic product.
6, clean technology and product: All sorts of purifying filter of craft, fan is unit (FFU) , wind drenchs room, inhaler, clean material, air filters material and liquid filter top of material, wainscot, condole, clean floor, insulation material.
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