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The 8th whole nation cleans industry technology progress and forum of clean esta
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Remove solstice period: 2008-07-16 holds cycle to 2008-07-18:
Establish time: Application ends: 2008-06-16
Place country: Chinese province / city: Yunnan Kunming
Showpiece address: Yunnan Kunming
Exhibit meeting content:

The great progress as Chinese economy and administration are energy-saving to “ decrease those who discharge ” job strength to increase, build to reinforce zoology culture, stimulative resource is managing model, the environment is friendly model social construction, how environmental protection is cleaned, and achieve 0 discharge, it is the long-term goal that China cleans an industry to develop continuously. Only continual development cleans technology and product with what use new-style environmental protection, clean through environmental protection, decrease discharge, ability increases the competitive capacity of the enterprise ceaselessly, extend scope of business, enlarge vivosphere. In recent years, clean industry of the part inside the industry already enhancing environmental protection consciousness ceaselessly, a few experts and entrepreneur are in environmental protection clean a project, clean service, rinsing equipment and product to make waited for a respect to had accumulated much valuable experience. For this, the whole nation cleans trade news center to hold “ especially the 8th whole nation cleans industry technology progress and ” of forum of clean estate development, congress theme is cleaned for “ environmental protection, the energy-saving ” that decrease a platoon. Congress cleans expert of specially invite authority respect and the ginseng such as innovation of technology of industry technology progress, environmental protection, equipment innovation to be able to represent the delibrate that launchs development and communication, abound company environmental protection in order to help the company inside course of study to clean technical measure, enlarge those who clean business to cover range, disentomb new profit point of growth, enhance market competition ability, because this is having very important long-term sense, for this, hope the personage inside course of study takes Bencihui seriously to discuss hold, sign up actively eagerly ginseng meeting. Will publish during congress " the 8th whole nation cleans industry technology progress and forum of clean estate development " paper market, choose a certain quantity of excellent paper, and the spot awards prize. Of market of paper of “ congress ” collect an activity to already spread out in the round now, welcome everybody eagerly contribute, display character to make suggestions. The hope is cleaned reach inside course of study relevant each industry is enterprise or business unit and individual sign up eagerly attend. Sponsor the unit is participated in to your enthusiasm and express cordial gratitude to support of “ forum ” ! The 8th whole nation cleans industry technology progress and organizing committee of forum of clean estate development meeting ground nodded   of   of       on January 18, 2008: Yunnan Kunming city attends a meeting time: Reported for duty on July 15, in July 16 - 18 days attend a meeting and look around. The conference collects fees: 1400 yuan / the detailed program arrangement of person the site of an association will inform separately. Connect a telephone call: 010-80485241, 80485240. Fax: 010- 80485233
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