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2008 whole nations manufacture practical engineering technology with cleanness o
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Sponsor an unit: Center of information of chemical industry of grand of day of the couplet in Beijing

Undertake unit:

Issue an unit:

Remove solstice period: 2008-06-22 holds cycle to 2008-06-24:
Establish time: Application ends: 2008-06-21
Place country: Chinese province / city: Shanghai
Showpiece address: Shanghai teachs international communication center
Exhibit meeting content:

Exhibit meeting specification:

1. congress theme reports: Round-the-clock on June 22 with 23 days in the morning, will invite famous expert to make thematic report. ? Does industry of domestic and international medicine grow trends and market to look into assistant dean of academy of industry of medicine of Shanghai of Yu Xiong's researcher? Does the green of body synthesize water of constant of industrialized technology cropland to teach Huadongli among careful chemical industry and medicine assistant dean of work college chemical college? Catalytic new material reachs the application in having synthesis. Does Lu Guanzhong teach prexy of Shanghai application technology? Is with green synthetic chemistry oriented new reaction method metal of organic place of Shanghai of Chinese Academy of Sciences of You Shuli's researcher organic state key laboratory? Do the development of green dissolvent auxiliary and Su Weike of industrialization application progress teach director of institute of medicaments of Zhejiang industry university? Does body cleanness produce organic place of practical technology and Shanghai of Chinese Academy of Sciences of development direction Hu Jinbo's researcher among the medicine that contain fluorine and careful chemical industry? The development of efficient biochemistry activator and the application in medicine and production of product of careful chemical industry director of 1 lab of catalysis of biology of engineering courtyard of biology of university of Changjiang Delta of Professor Sun Zhihao? Microbial academy of the synthesis that changes hand sex medicaments and rarefied technology research and industry of medicine of Shanghai of Wen Jie of industrialized progress Zhao's researcher secondary total industry? Use cellulose to develop short for the Jinghe River of be apt to of Yao of medical new material (professor) Zhejiang university director of lab of major of country of 2 resource chemical industry? Organic liquid waste handles degradation of poisonous, harmful, bad live thing Huadongli of professor of younger brother of brave of new technology Liu is versed in university resource and environmental engineering courtyard dean (wait for calm) (the theme reports with the spot arrangement is accurate. There are about 10 minutes of spots to answer after every report doubt. ) 2. Technical delibrate and achievement communicate: Dividing an assembly room 23 days afternoon, undertake with respect to 3 special subject technical delibrate and achievement communication negotiate respectively, at the appointed time will a large number of cession is released with cooperative project. The special subject of delibrate of 3 branch field and communication is respectively: (1) the green raw material, development that helps solvent and activator and clean production engineering technology (2) the development of biology technology and industrialization application (3) 3 useless processing and use integratedly 3. Achievement and equipment reveal: Congress the corresponding period, trade in the exhibition the area is set exhibit, have make over the enterprise with cooperative project or equipment instrument to be able to put item on display, send out data, suspension is exhibited board. Outside be being expended except meeting Wu, collect fees not additionally. 4. Look around visit: The conference represented the organization visiting CPhI on June 24 or go out visit
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