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Things of equipment of mid and clean wash and join in chain exposition
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Sponsor an unit: Great river newspaper office
Central Plains international reads extensively center

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Remove solstice period: 2008-10-14 holds cycle to 2008-10-18:
Establish time: Application ends: 2008-10-10
Place country: Chinese province / city: Central Plains
Showpiece address: Central Plains international reads extensively center
Exhibit meeting content:

As central “ mid rise abruptly of strategic ” carry out, mid the growth rate that omits average level of whole nation of economic beyond prep above each develops quickly. Industrial business is clean production, energy-saving fall the urgent need of bad news; The city builds pace to accelerate, the construction amount of the commercial place such as guesthouse of office building eaves, hotel, bazaar jumps, the public environment such as place of hospital, school, sports asks to rise increasingly; Year after year of domestic spending capacity promotes steadily and people is right in fast rhythm the pursuit that high quality lives, demand of cleanness of of all kinds family increases quickly. These exciting major clean the rapid development of market of the catharsis that protect clean, make service of professional cleanness, catharsis gets increasingly attention and favour. According to MII statistic, our country is annual and potential 500 billion yuan major is cleaned, catharsis demand, it is market of the biggest professional cleanness on the world, catharsis. Economic population occupies the Henan etc with mid larger proportion 5 provinces, will greet a high speed to develop period, also will become China to have the region market that expands latent capacity most.
" the great river signs up for " —— world daily is issued 100 strong, china signs up for course of study 4 strong, henan signs up for course of study aircraft carrier, day circulation exceeds 1 million, high density enclothes Henan and circumjacent province nearly 180 million population, it is the main aspect that mid area provides force of consequence, appeal and transmission power most strong media. As origanization construction Ceng Chenggong engineered “ ” of annual meeting of mid industry leader, “” of mid and landed meeting, “international car exhibits ” , “electric car exhibits ” , “mid hutch defends meeting ” , “tens of second activities such as ” of exposition of industry of mid solar energy, every time the activity joins meeting enterprise and social all circles to agree reputably.
To promote domestic and international equipment of advanced cleanness, wash, technology is in mid industry, commerce, family is able to popularize on clean catharsis and apply; Professional cleanness, catharsis joins in chain orgnaization expands in mid development; Offer for more people do poineering work the good luck that join in; Promote health of industry of mid area cleanness, catharsis to develop quickly, compose builds the person of cleanness of harmonious civilization, green to rank an environment. Group of trade of cable of daily of Henan province development and reform committee, Henan, " the great river signs up for " read extensively with Central Plains international center again powerful powerful combination, bend force makes things of equipment of wash of “ mid cleanness reach join in chain exposition ” . Regard industry of catharsis of cleanness of ministry of Chinese and Western as the first professional grand meeting, it will become information of supply and demand of trade of center-west region cleanness, catharsis to communicate efficient platform; The enterprise develops mid market, enrol the optimal shortcut that business publicizes.
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