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The 12nd Belgium (Antwerp) exhibition of international pump, valve
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Remove solstice period: Came to held cycle on October 17, 2008 on October 15, 2008:
Establish time: Application ends:
Place country: Belgian province / city: Antwerp
Showpiece address: Belgian Antwerp exhibits a center
Exhibit meeting content:

Postpone meeting brief introduction
Antwerp pump and valve exhibition, be pump and valve industry is professional exhibition, biennially is held, it is the major with the longest history of industry of European pump, valve is exhibited one of, this exhibiting basically can reach its fittings, accessory to give priority to with industrial pump, valve. 2006, sponsor just added filter series product, this one will exhibit area ” foundation to go up in new technology of industry of “ pump, valve, exert oneself develops “ beater and blender product ” to postpone business, still will special roll out “ conduit and cop series to exhibit area ” . Should exhibit the ginseng of the meeting to exhibit business to basically sell business and importer for cent, manufacturer, produce company of enterprise, engineering, assemble a company, groom referral center, control a center, concerned service orgnaization and media.

Visiting business basically comes from chemistry, petrifaction, metal, food and beverage, sewage disposal, gas reach with tap water plastic wait for an industry. In the Fair 2006, the ginseng that attend a meeting exhibits business to have 207, grew 11% than 2004, in last a period of time in exhibition of 3 days, early or late 5054 professional traveling trader arrive visit, grew 8% than previous term or session, among them the majority is European travelling merchant. Exhibited the area of the meeting to also achieve 10000m² .

Compare with other exhibition, antwerp international pump and valve exhibit the characteristic that has as follows: The first, professional strong, market specific aim is mixed by force target market is clear; The 2nd, this area is global pump, valve and its fittings manufacturer, supplier seek Europe and African pump and valve importer, cent sells the good place of business and final user.

Antwerp international pump and valve exhibit is alive bound concentrated area of industry of the 2nd big petrifaction: Antwerp - the trade fair that Lu Tedan area holds, wait for relevant trade news for European pump, valve deliver, the confluence of the market provides a lot of opportunities and broader commercial platform.

Contact: Xu Hui
Contact an address: South garden of manna of area of Beijing rising sun in 25 international are achieved exhibit a center 1007 rooms
Connect a telephone call: 010) 51654222-821 13552837912
Contact a fax: 010) 51654111-802

Ginseng extend range
Limits of item on display:

Pump: Pump of pump of pump of water pump, chemical industry, pneumatic membrane pump, metric pump, screw pump, centrifugal pump, magnetic force, blowdown pump, oil pump, vavuum pump, force pump, slop, acid-proof pump, fittings reachs a system, weather strip reachs sealed technology;
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