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First carbon capture the project heart that start leads clean coal technical app
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According to England " defend a newspaper " report, the first complete carbon captures and storage technology demonstrative project, will at be in Germany next week power plant of a coal fired begins movement.

Project of this demonstrative sex test builds Yu Deguo on the side of power plant of upper Schwarze Pumpe, will capture every year 100 thousand tons of carbon dioxide, subsequently will compress, the place that bury is in 3000 meters under surface of dried up Altmark natural gas field. This gas field is apart from power plant about 200 kilometers.

Demonstrative project costs 70 million euro (57 million pound) , the electric power that can output 12 million to cover with tiles and the heat energy with 30 made of baked clay million, enough supplies many 1000 family.

Experiment power plant will use oxygen boosting burner. This is 3 kinds of carbon capture with one of storage technologies. This technology is involved in coal of the burning in pure oxygen environment, the waste gas of generation is dinkum carbon dioxide almost, later its bury, enter aerosphere in order to prevent its, aggravate whole world is calefacient.

Additional two kinds of carbon capture and storage technology, it is capture before combustion technology, involve before burning prior operation coal, keep clear of carbon dioxide. 2 be capture after the combustion that cleans power plant waste gas technology

Rocksy of British Edinburgh university, carbon captures and memory technologist Stuart Haisizeerding (Stuart Haszeldine) think: "This is very important and solid one condition. The carbon of oxygen boosting combustion that this is first whole set captures and storage technology. First time is integrated in system of a job all link. " complement says Haisizeerding, schwarze Pumpe demonstrative project makes clear: "If the government is mixed,trust each other, can have a lot of jobs " .

The use quantity of coal of power plant of predicting whole world will increase, carbon captures and store the technology is regarded to be potential solution. In its best case, this technology can capture the carbon of 90% discharges power plant. Although capture, carry and store each link of the process is mixed to use by test and verify, but, up to now, still pass the system of total circulation without the experiment, even if miniature demonstrative project also had not experimented. The system of full scope still needs a lot of years, because develop this kind of system,basically be probable meeting is very costly. Accordingly, a lot of lead power companies are not willing to aid financially this technology alone, urge a government to also should assume partial finance risk.

Zhou Bo of · of general of benefit of humble of Alstom company president is special (Philippe Joubert) express: "Current, of 40%-50% generate electricity use coal, considering the security of fuel and usability, use coal is necessary, and will still be necessary. This is the whole world is the widest share resource. " Alstom company made equipment of special oxygen boosting burner for Swedish Vatenfall company. This company is Schwarze Pumpe power plant is possessory.
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