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Device of our country industry cleans an industry preliminary form market dimens
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Change as Yang Zishi as joint-stock as Basifu 600 thousand tons / year ethylene project, medium sea oil and housing card are joint-stock 800 thousand tons / year the successful go into operation of the project of major chemical industry such as ethylene project, the system of the device of large whole set such as ammonia of about a hundred ethylene of our country, synthesis is cleaned, had finished by the domestic company that has own intellectual property to clean technology and equipment completely
The system of device of our country industry is cleaned forming an industry, annual market dimensions will amount to 30 billion yuan
The domain waits in oil, chemical industry, steely, electric power, making as a result of the equipment of new clothes buy and conduit, carry, in process of keep in storage, installation, production, inevitably meeting produces broken bits of smeary, solder to reach all sorts of oxide, the facility that running also can arise polymer, furring, deposit, ferruginous corrode etc. If undertake not in time after before device moves, perhaps moving 9 years cleaning, can bring about the corporeal denaturation in equipment, destroy craft, affect product quality, some meetings make equipment and cop invalidation, increase specific power consumption, reduce efficiency, serious still can make flow jams interrupt, device is forced stop production, likelihood happening is divulged and explode even wait for great and safe accident.
Clean a method commonly usedly to chemistry is cleaned clean 2 kinds with physics. Because pipeline system belongs to take cover engineering commonly, use a kind or a variety of chemical drug perhaps enclothe a face to undertake chemistry is changed to object surface contaminant, deliquescent come off in order to achieve defatted, mix except rust go dirtying the chemistry of the effect cleans application relatively general, occupy industry to clean about 60% the left and right sides. The bibcock industry that cleans as domestic industry -- -- what La Xingqing washs company independent development, development to give the world to precede is full automatic muti_function clean project car and three-in-one normal temperature to clean an agent, our country cleaned an industry to had been had the most advanced on the world clean equipment, instrument, Qing Dynasty lotion and clean a technology.
Domestic industry cleans the tremendous business chance of the market, draw numerous medium and small businesses to be entered in succession, the business that pursues industry cleaning is close already 1000. Because clean an industry to exist bull management, piece break up a phenomenon, occupation standard still is to go up the relative standard that 889 time concerned branch issues the century, the competition that do not have foreword, project serves phenomenon of quality the good and bad are intermingled to be able to be found everywhere. Raise admittance threshold, establish new occupation standard, the green that develops environmental protection, free from contamination, low cost cleans a technology to had made the inevitable trend that cleans industry development.
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