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For disaster area, we are in hard -- on the group of environmental protection eq
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The enterprise assumes equipment to carry of one's own accord, installation

On June 2, business blueness flies to the vice president of branch of abundant spring Beijing that Beijing just returned from Chengdu 3 days ago to Chengdu again, "This, we are to go of reinforce incinerator. We are to go of reinforce incinerator..

Feng Quan answers the proposal of our newspaper and foundation of China environmental protection, to disaster area contributory imperative environmental protection equipment, after getting Chinese environment signs up for offerred relevant case, abundant spring president sends business blueness to head for Chengdu arrange with, below the arrangement that saves environmental protection bureau finally in Sichuan, feng Quan wants in advance contributory incinerator of rubbish of two medical treatment, satisfy heavy disaster area county of plain of short of Wenshui River and the need of medical treatment waste disposal that reflect beautiful ease, feng Quan expresses, still be disaster area again of purpose contributory incinerator of rubbish of a large life.

in business blueness a 4 people set out go when Chengdu, the abundant spring this department that Yuan Zaifu builds also carries incinerator of rubbish of two medical treatment to 5 trucks, preparative by night hurries on with his journey, carry from Fujian He Yingxiu presses down county of plain of short of Wenshui River directly. According to introducing, incinerator of rubbish of these two medical treatment is self-prossessed 50 tons, need 5 trucks start shipment at least. Feng Quan still expedites project technology personnel to be headed for along with all the others, business blueness says, personnel of a few technologies is possible long-term forwardly, assure the use of incinerator.

On June 4, liu Bing of general manager of limited company of engineering of equipment of environmental protection of oasis of the boat in Nanjing is mixed to Peng Zhou personally spot of rubbish of river lasher medical treatment, sewage disposal makes an on-the-spot survey, affirmatory finally, in a day with boat contributory oasis handles 10 tons sewage to handle whole set device to go to carry Jiang Yan city gets together source town; The Zhang Jing of bureau of environmental protection of the Chengdu City that is in charge of arranging this facility says, jiang Yan gets together source town is Chengdu drinking water source upper reaches, so need notices water treatment all the more. And the system will use a whole set of incinerator of medical treatment litter that handles 150 kilogram hourly in Peng state city burgeoning town. This contributory rubbish burns is a complete facility of movable type, allegedly even if put on mud ground, conduit is received, can use, satisfy disaster area requirement. Zhang Jing tells a reporter, system of whole set of incinerator of medical treatment litter will use the city that do Peng masses of disaster area of 30 thousand much person finds a place for the medical treatment rubbish of the dot burns, in because the product of the boat is offerred marine, the effect that unifinication designs is first-rate.
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