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The country encourages development equipment of environmental protection of 7 bi
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To suit to be mixed currently the environment will pollute the need of processing henceforth, national hair changes appoint released new castigatory a few days ago " the facilities of environmental protection estate that current state encourages development (product) catalog " , encourage development equipment of environmental protection of 7 big fields 107 products.

This 7 big fields are respectively: Air pollution administers equipment, include industrial furnace kiln to remove dust to decoke of facilities of combustion of cleanness of purifying device of equipment of equipment, to decoke of power station flue gas, harmful gas, coal, flue gas is special equipment.

Equipment of water pollution prevention and cure, encourage a product to be centered in biochemical liquid waste, contain processing of liquid waste of heavy metal ion, the domain such as mud processing and benefit in order to and the alexipharmic equipment that matter to human body health and environmental safety directly.

Noise and oscillatory control equipment, noise of choice city district administers equipment to serve as the direction that encourages development.

Solid trash handles equipment, litter of solid of heavy name a person for a particular job deals with in equipment harmless change processing to label encourage content, burn from tight control

Kind deal with of equipment discharge index, increase the each function quota of facilities of sterilization of medical treatment trash in the round.

Be used integratedly and clean production facilities, include to abandon old goods and materials to use device integratedly, 3 useless use equipment, Yu Yayu integratedly heat uses processing of litter of equipment, agriculture to use device 4 encourage content.

Environmental protection drug and material domain, environmental protection special drug and special material are brought into encourage development limits.

The environment monitors instrument appearance, online contaminant the continuous equipment that monitor includes encourage development limits.

Hair change appoint express, this second release " catalog " it is to be opposite before two batches " catalog " encourage those who develop content to edit, about privilege policy will continue to carry out.

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