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Wuhan enterprise to equipment of environmental protection of alms of seismic dis
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[dispatch of net of the Yangtse River] (Li Hanwu of Yan Zuhai of reporter Hao Qi's reporter) on May 23 afternoon, science and technology of Wuhan city Jia Yuanhua environmental protection developed limited company to donate total prices to be worth 7 200 thousand yuan ozonizers to Sichuan earthquake disaster area, use at disaster area disinfection and water quality to purify.

Wuhan enterprise to equipment of environmental protection of alms of seismic disaster area

It is reported, at present Sichuan disaster area is faced with menace of drinking water safety, rubbish to handle the issue such as difficulty, be badly in need of day handling the small-sized life rubbish that ability controls 1 ton to burn 180 tons small-sized sewage handles processing unit and day processing sewage equipment. In the meantime, branch of disaster area environmental protection is badly in need of equipment of the portable instrument that monitor, equipment of equipment of the purifying device of movable type water quality that appeals relevant enterprise donates disaster area to be badly in need of, disinfection, small-sized sewage disposal and small-sized rubbish handle equipment.

Be about to carry the environmental protection equipment toward disaster area

With continous this world city is exemple, the lab that environment of continous in relief city monitors a station and environment monitor instrument equipment to be marred badly in the earthquake by, the lab is in basically break down condition, built simple and easy lab according to need now, lash-up is monitored and analyse in order to answer shake hind environment. But at present the station that monitor handles official bussiness and the experiment is in craze more with the room, already cannot use, bureau of environmental protection of continous in relief city saved environmental protection bureau to put forward urgent request to Sichuan on May 15, portable lash-up monitors share of the station of environment of in relief city of hope support continous that monitor instrument equipment, and the portable lash-up that attach requests to support monitors instrument equipment directory.

After getting an information, bureau of Wuhan city environmental protection is urgent inform relevant company, the action rises, for equipment of environmental protection of disaster area alms. On May 23 afternoon, science and technology of Wuhan city Jia Yuanhua environmental protection develops limited company to donate 7 ozonizers, value 200 thousand yuan, assembled a car afternoon that day, carry through railroad urgent carry Sichuan to save environmental protection bureau, with throwing disaster area as soon as possible.

Yellow grand introduces this company general manager, in 7 ozonizers, 4 are portable ozonizer, every can finish the disinfection of a wigwam inside 15 minutes; 2 Taichun ozonizer will be used at surgery and medical personnel disinfection; A large ozonizer suits to be purified at the air with 2000 public square metre and water quality. In the meantime, wuhan auspicious wheat is special environmental high-tech limited company also donated an OZ air purifier to disaster area, current, this company is beginning to prepare relevant matters concerned, so that carry equipment as early as possible,go to disaster area.
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