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The innovation is electrified clean a technology, beautiful couplet drives techn
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Why to want electrified clean: The integrated contaminant such as dust of the dirt in the environment, smeary, salinity, metal, electrified particle, in electromagnetism field the adsorption below electrostatic perhaps action is in yuan of parts of an apparatus and printed circuit board the surface that go up, depth and each place, long-term stockpile is eliminated hard, it can reduce insulation property, form all sorts of microcircuit, change equipment property thereby, increase the interference that finds out hard, reduce communication quality, cannot achieve optimal utilization rate, cause equipment trouble even, bring to the user mix directly indirect pecuniary loss.
But no matter be thing of look forward to or individual, when doing electronic equipment cleanness, those who clean is exterior return trip only, and the make inquires of person of problem total lack that exists in electronic equipment interior, go down so for a long time, the life of equipment of high spirit electron is met greatly bring down. This among them resources waste is self-evident.
In people discovery dirt is opposite after the harm of equipment, begin to use all sorts of means to undertake cleaning to electronic equipment interior. But clean traditionally defend a method quite backward: The tiger that use a skin is swayed, brush whisk with short-haired pelt, wipe with alcohol tampon etc, efficiency is very low, clean effect difference, and still can bring a lot of bad future trouble, corrode as a result of what wait for chemical, cause easily circuit board is mixed the injury of yuan of parts of an apparatus. Manual operation is opposite possibly still yuan of parts of an apparatus cause ruinous loss, security does not have safeguard, and a lot of concealment place cannot touch, cannot keep clear of thoroughly contaminant. Equipment safeguards workload great. Clean sordid, make equipment cleans cycle to shorten, maintain cost taller instead.
21 centuries, the application of electronic equipment already nowhere is absent, the maintenance of electronic equipment is cleaned also entered electrified the times that clean. Science and technology of beautiful couplet environmental protection is electrified cleaning is the business that our country carries attestation of system of quality of ISO9001-2000 international level first times. The accurate electron instrument that the company introduces foreign latest technology to produce cleans an agent to be in of home electrified vessel vessel also is in cleaning an industry famous.
What new technology falls is electrified clean industry, begin to use appropriative to clean tool, equipment, instrument, appearance to undertake electrified clean. Not only circuit of thoroughly cleared equipment board between, yuan the pollution that component of pin of parts of an apparatus, radiator waits a moment. Still be below the circumstance that makes sure bos of equipment of instrument of of all kinds electron stops the work a variety of harmful material on equipment of instrument of rapid cleared and accurate electron (dirt, smeary, salinity, damp, facing powder of electrostatic, metal) , it is to lengthen service life of equipment, eliminate the equipment hidden trouble, optimal kind that raises equipment efficiency to make equipment is in optimal job status, still be in the phase that just starts in our country, development perspective is wide.
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