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"Clean automatically " home appliance attracts controversy customer " commend di
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Clean automatically smoke lampblack to be cleaned machine, automatically clean air conditioning, automatically water machine... the reporter visited home appliance of the mainstream inside city to sell a few days ago see, many home appliance products increase strength to publicize in succession " clean automatically " function. Buy personnel introduction according to guiding, this function gets really a few " lazy madam " people chase after hold in both hands. Nevertheless the personage inside course of study thinks, current technology still cannot replace major to clean.

Manufacturer is contended for push " clean automatically "

The reporter sells in home appliance see, the product publicizes all sorts of home appliance to clean a function automatically energetically eagerly, include to smoke lampblack machine, air conditioning, water machine. Some is famous one when light an enterprise to roll out has what clean a function automatically to take lampblack chance, personnel of its sales promotion is revealed to the reporter, when the paragraph smokes lampblack machine to clean, should need to be in only specific clean water cleaner is entered in the cup, by clean key, lotion meets the Qing Dynasty that has used inside a minute to arrive through guiding oil path is discharged in grease cup.

The special administrative area is sold in air conditioning, the brand of air conditioning of much home mainstream that ranks front row, happen to coincide what will automatic clean function serves as the ground to be tasted newly is main sell a site. Some brand guides the member that buy tells a reporter, of its air conditioning clean a technology automatically drip can condense on machine evaporator indoors, enter dirt dissolve water in, rinse again enter drainpipe, after dirt the platoon arrives outdoor automatic drying evaporator, prevent a bacterium to cause.

Nevertheless the reporter notices, the price of home appliance product that has this function is more expensive than common product. For example the air conditioning of a 1.5P registers some trademark machine is straight fall 500 yuan hind, sales promotion price still is amounted to 4200 multivariate. Have the air conditioning of automatic and clean function, the price wants 1000 yuan or so to compare tower above of value of congener and common product, one the cheapest also wants near 3000 yuan.

Consumer " have play have support "

"Need not oneself start work clean, also can let air conditioning maintain health and energy-saving, it is very convenient really. " in store of village of guest of national beautiful electric equipment, the spot of automatic to one brand air conditioning cleanness demonstrates citizen Ms. Liu to be interested quite. She tells a reporter, "I am lazier, also do not love to do chore at ordinary times, buy home appliance of course first selection is automatic and clean, it is OK that the heart considers floriferous dot fund need not clean air conditioning, pretty good still. Pretty good still..
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