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City of Shenyang of go into battle of cleaning machine of tall saturated vapour
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Dispatch of Shenyang evening paper (Ping of Song Ping of chairman correspondent Zhang Jing's trainee) on April 24, bureau of town city building started Shenyang to clear this year project of punish small handbill, clear limits is mixed from community of direction of horse of class of just a little dweller corridor is outspread.

That day afternoon, what the reporter knew to cope with small handbill is new-style " weapon " -- cleaning machine of tall saturated vapour. The worker expended the small handbill that the tremedous effort also keeps clear of clean hard with moldboard previously, taking nowadays " water spray gun " to small handbill one gush, also with respect to 5 seconds of time, can wash small handbill so that ash flying smoke destroys, and a bit does not injure street lamp lever, telegraph pole and wall body.

Canal of Shenyang city town does to still be connected with telegraphic, net, the branch such as mobile, UniCom built those who use telegraphic communication technology to seal a bad news telephone number to inform against a system, allow illegal number directly " seal date " . Debut from the system end last year July up to now, had affirmed stop the number of machine to have more than 1500, average everyday can " abandon " telephone call of 5 small posters.

Now, whole town each the city zone established professional team, belong to establishment to undertake to the main market road inside area under administration and authority everyday perambulatory, discover at any time, keep clear of thoroughly at any time small handbill.

If your mobile phone is made the ado of the bad news such as carry out false testimony, archives, bill again, perhaps see the small handbill that sticks in disorder, can dial 24 hours of cities to be in charge of public security to inform against a phone: 22500110.

(Shenyang evening paper)

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