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Han look forward to will exhibit the home appliance of life of science and techn
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Beijing of information of Xinhua News Agency on May 18 report (Zhang Duo division is the same as) Korea surroundings home appliance kind well-known company Xiong Jinhao power the company will be joined first exhibit Beijing division rich to meet, the Xiongjin that uses world banner technology showpiece clean water of power of a person of extraordinary powers implement, cleaning machine of the air purifier, system that make oxygen, ultrasonic.

Among them Xiong Jinhao power clean water implement use go against ooze to undertake filtering through filter technology, but effective purify tap water is medium chloric, heavy metal, ferruginous wait for pollutant; Xiong Jinhao power air purifier is gold and Chinese traditional medicine are used first on the world (Huang Qin) the product that improves the result that fight bacterium, use custom-built model mesh system (new home is special mesh, old home is special mesh, cheeper is special mesh, sand and dust is special mesh) , but the harmful material such as virus of effective purify formaldehyde, bacterium, flu, avian flu virus, allergic material, volatile organic compound, build the life space of pure and fresh health. Xiong Jinhao power the puissant ultrasonic that ultrasonic cleaning machine uses 1.6MHz, need not make chemically scour can leave all sorts of pesticide and some pollutant on cleared vegetables and fruits easily.

Xiong Jinhao power it is one of companies of surroundings home appliance with the biggest Korea, hold Korea water quality to purify all the time since holding water 1989, the lead position that air is purified and protects bath industry. In Korea, xiong Jinhao power have client of 4.5 million member, there are 2 use Xiongjin in every 5 families the product of power of a person of extraordinary powers. Clean water implement the market is had rate for 60% , air purifier is 40% , intelligence for 50% . A person of extraordinary powers of ursine in June 2006 ferry power market of China of make one's bow, show total investment to had reached 1700 much dollars, the branch held water in Shanghai in May 2007.

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