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Disaster area answers Shanghai psychology expert: of Mu of lens of acute hearin
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Oriental net on May 30 message: Yan Wenhua of referral center of psychology of You Huadong Normal University's associate professor takes a psychology of the team to seek advice from division contingent, at Sichuan after earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River the 6th day reachs disaster area, undertake investigate and understanding to mentation of disaster area masses, did partial psychology to intervene. When the net of east of be a guest of Yan Wenhua's associate professor that Shanghai just answered from Sichuan disaster area before long before chats, put forward to initiate: While the children that are disaster area contribute toy and book, provide the service that cleans disinfection to disaster area toy please.
In referral center of psychology of Hua Dong Normal University the advisory division that comes back 4 times from disaster area initiates Yan Wenhua, Chen Xianglin, Yi Ming, Zhuang Li to contribute a book for the child of disaster area, after contributing a toy, in two days short already had 25 enthusiastic people to
Love house delivered charity of Hua Dong Normal University 207 old toys and 133 secondhand book, return nursery school of home of know exactly about sth, school to be in raise donations process, more toys and book can emerge to love charity house. "Love drive " it is OK to put forward them the help carries a toy freely. The love that thanks these emerging to move.
For the health of disaster area children, course of need of all old toy is cleaned thoroughly, disinfection. The equipment with beneficent love current house cannot be cleaned to the toy with large volume, disinfection. The appeal has clean, the orgnaization that sterilizes equipment, wait like washhouse, hotel can aid a helping hand, the children that let disaster area can get these love toys at an early date.
Ask you to contact:
House of love of charity of Hua Dong Normal University (Zhongshan north road center of 3663 undergraduates activity room of 2 buildings A)
62238117(Zhou Yi arrives weekday, 8:00-17:00)

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