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Ministry of science and technology is released " tableware cleans alexipharmic m
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As the time after seismic calamity lengthen, the wholesome environment of disaster area worsens quickly, midge fly breed, clean drinking water and life use water serious and in short supply, the dinner service that broad rescuer and victim use not complete disinfection causes disease of the sex that feed a cause extremely easily (especially disease of alvine path infectivity) , cultivate of contagion, person in all the happening of sicken grade unripe incident.

For this, ministry of science and technology is aseismatic group of expert of safety of food providing disaster relief wove " tableware cleans alexipharmic means and note " , coach disaster area dweller's correct food sanitation is used to, be on guard the happening of epidemic situation and popularity. This note cleans alexipharmic means from what cleaned the tripartite face such as method, disinfection method and Bao Jie method to elaborate tableware, listed recipe of commonly used disinfectant is mixed in detail use method, and a few item that still explained chemical disinfection wants to notice, use for disaster area dweller and personnel of wholesome epidemic prevention.

" tableware cleans alexipharmic method and note "
In the light of sanitation of seismic disaster area the environment worsens, dietary environment is poorer wait for a problem, clean what the tripartite face such as method, disinfection method and Bao Jie method introduced disaster area dinner service to clean alexipharmic means from disaster area tableware, explained chemistry disinfects a few item of the attention, use for disaster area dweller and reference of personnel of wholesome epidemic prevention, in order to make sure disaster area food is safe.

One, clean a method
1, scrape touch apparently major food is provided in meal residual, bilge.
2, with contain scour solution abluent meal has the face.
3, the scour that develops remain with clear water finally.
2, disinfect a method
1, disinfection of boil, vapour maintains above of 100 ℃ 10min.
2, use contain chloric disinfectant disinfection, disappear venom chroma ought to contain effective chloric 250mg/L (weigh 250ppm again) above, meal is provided immerse entirely in the liquid, action 5min above.
3, the meal after chemical disinfection provides the disinfectant remain that ought to pour the face with clean water.
3, the method that protect clean
1, the meal after disinfection is provided want natural filter to work or stoving, ought not to use towel, napkin to wipe, be polluted in order to avoid again.
2, the meal after disinfection is provided ought to put the dustproof, recipient that prevents fly in time inside.
4, commonly used disinfectant
(one) bleaching powder: Bases is natrium of second chloric acid, still contain oxyhydrogen to change calcic, oxidation calcium, chloridize calcium to wait. A few water ought to be added first when making up aqueous solution, tone is become mushy, again the edge adds water edge agitate to become a latex, settling, take clear liquid to use. Bleaching powder can be used at environment, work station, equipment, meal to provide, tool and hand ministry immerse disinfection.
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