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Nearly half motor vehicle cleans the urban district without card
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Recently, 7 branches such as canal of town of the city that do not have stannum, industrial and commercial, environmental protection allot an opinion jointly, will to the urban district many 100 motor vehicle is cleaned (dot) carry out special punish, ensure the sewage that decrease a platoon.
The motor vehicle that do not have stannum cleans a water pollution serious, some still takes up road affects the appearance of a city of traffic, influence. About sectional statistic, do not have stannum at present only nearly 50 are cleaned hold card to manage, other be do not have environmental protection establishment clean without card. City town is in charge of a branch to express, will establish this to do sth without authorization, exceed limits to manage, those who take up urban road affects traffic, sewage to discharge road surface continuously is small-sized face opportunity motor-car to clean (dot) , give stoutly ban. In the meantime, opinion regulation, every needs to install motor vehicle to clean (dot) , must install the pool that lie between oil and sedimentation basin, want to have corresponding exercise and service establishment at the same time; The liquid waste of generation must put through urban waste pipe net; Must obtain license of the administration that use water, cannot extract illegally groundwater, cannot waste water natural resources. Do not have industrial and commercial business charter, must stop to do business before July 30. The reporter understands, protecting fountainhead is the key of this punish, execute the law the branch will be cleaned to traditional motor vehicle (dot) carry out severe canal to be punished again, once hair is existing,use those who contain the scour of environment having damage such as phosphor to will be punished again. To on July 30, clean unqualifiedly want deadline to rectify and reform. Arrived on August 1 on September 30, the function branch such as municipal and city canal, industrial and commercial, environmental protection, public security, irrigation works, public, program, execute the law executive combination.
(Ying Jie)

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