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Clean enterprise PK price fixing to make
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Clean enterprise PK price fixing to make?

Prices branch expresses: Car " gastric lavage " if do sth without authorization breaks through maximum price to will press concerned code from severe investigate and exposure

Duckweed of mattress of Zhao of reporter of □ our newspaper

From alcohol benzine promotion was used on April 1 closer and closer, when the reporter is interviewing alcohol benzine to popularize the job, discover however, gens having a car and relevant enterprise however " place change not Jing " , great majority still is awaiting wait-and-see, car advocate not rapid move washs a car, not rapid also move does the business this one only business, car fuel system scours the market still a hush. Be what reason makes everybody such after all " calm " ?

Clean ask a price of company all over the sky

Prices department says " not "

Petrolic of good to do alcohol popularizes the job, city price bureau cleans the price to execute highest price fixing to car fuel system, wash price of a car to be in surely 70 to 105 yuan between, wash two rounds autocycle wants 18 yuan only. pair of this one highest price fixing, clean an enterprise not less to express: Do not have profit space at all, do not want to accept this kind of business so.

When the reporter with the car advocate when the capacity comes to inn of some brand 4S, this inn gave 400 yuan value to reporter newspaper, make a reporter astonied. And, this formula still is aimed at the car place under 100 thousand kilometers to make, if be big quantity of above of 100 thousand kilometers,the car cleans the price even tall. This inn maintains a master to tell a reporter, of all oil path clean workload not small, clean a process to need 30 minutes probably, and clean all sorts of different model workload to gasoline tank distinction is very big, also want quickly 20 minutes, need disassembles the gasoline tank that clean, a hour also is not done. Clean oil path to clean the cost when liquid medicine adds go to work in 4S inn at ordinary times general not under 250 yuan, clean a process to need 1 hour probably. When the love car that gives oneself when the highest price fixing that the reporter puts forward to set by prices branch cleans oil path gasoline tank, what maintenance master worker accuses however is current the job is nervous, sometime comes again. And, this one price just adds a bottle of clear lotion to gasoline tank, do not include oil path to clean. If must be cleaned with this one price, must want to sign on an acceptance, 4S inn assures to cleaning the effect to be not done.

Concern an announcement according to the our city, car fuel system cleans the charge content that service price includes: Clean a service man-hour cost, clear lotion cost, clean supplementary cost of raw materials, clean parameter of technology of system of cost of production of certificate of approval, fuel to debug cost to wait. Clean an enterprise to cannot be added separately outside cleaning service price collect other charge.
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