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Domestic initiate answers Daqing to treat petro-chemical foul water with boiler
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Refine changes a person to adopt reverse osmosis device, debug those who give qualification smoothly to answer with water. Always invest 50 million yuan, the successful go into operation that the sewage deepness processing that covers an area of a face to accumulate 2000 much square metre winds items of expenditure to look, make refine turns a company year processing sewage quantity amounts to 4 million tons.

Refine changes a company to be located in Daqing to turn work area grandly, it is medium one of main base that oily joint-stock company expands oil refining chemical industry in Daqing, set oil refining one factory, oil refining 2 factories, polymer factory, motivation the many professional factories such as one factory, have 5.5 million tons of / year crude oil process capability, already built go into operation with 1.8 million tons of / year 200 thousand tons of AR  CC, / year 50 thousand tons of lube, / year the polypropylene acyl amine refine that is a delegate converts plant 34. The company passes old construction and development, preliminary formed it is raw material with oil, natural gas, what be main product with oil of light qualitative fuel, lube, olefin and polymer is integrated model petro-chemical enterprise.

One factory contains power Jin Mingshou of group leader of group of hydrogenous sewage unit says to the reporter, whole project is this year start working built on April 28, below the joint efforts of crew, use only 4 short half-moon time, came true to give water smoothly. What whole apparatus uses is world of company of Swedish SLA Maria Water's banner sewage purification technology, ensure course deepness is treated the index of water quality giving water of chemical liquid waste achieves national boiler to allow with water gauge, these water can regard a loop as water filling water on one hand, also can use water as boiler on one hand. After project put into production, reduced the pollution that the platoon outside sewage brings already, improved an environment, alleviated again the pressure that water natural resources shorts, in the meantime, still make the enterprise can realize managing and fresh water every year many tons 400, together with equipment uses the managing fee in safeguarding, can be an enterprise one year energy-saving fall bad news many yuan 1000.

It is reported, after will petro-chemical sewage undertakes deepness is handled, answer use at boiler, still belong to in home first. Of petro-chemical sewage reclaim smoothly use, undoubted meeting goes to main demonstrative effect since the section water job of other to home petro-chemical company.

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