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Of Guizhou report coal contend for fast knot unintelligible power plant " be hun
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This summer, so-called " sea of Changjiang Delta coal " Guizhou front is facing report of a coal contend for.

Up to by June, guizhou saves coal reserve completely 1.56 million tons, the 1 / that is equivalent to output of average first half of the year month only 5 strong; To the end of July, guizhou 12 ammunition power plant is in an emergency in succession: Electric coal reserve has 260 thousand tons only.

The reporter understands from bureau of the canal that save coal, among them the igneous power plant with maximum reserve 48 thousand tons, least have 3000 tons only. "The quantity putting coal of some power plants is maintained a long time quite only to two days. " a personage inside course of study tells a reporter.

Awfuller is, coal quality also is in report to drop quickly. First half of the year, guizhou all moves flameout of boiler of group of igneous electric machinery 25 times, decrease bear to move 349 times, aircrew blame plans to halt use inferior coal causes there is an in part in the frequency.

   Be hungry not choose coal

On August 6, electric power guild calls together Guizhou to visit 17 ammunition power plant completely (include 5 to be in build) join forces begs predicament of the coal that see report. Because,the immediate cause that this conference holds is " 6. 8 black dirt pollutes incident " .

On June 8 early morning, guiyang power plant (expensive report of the following abbreviation) the dweller around was stupefied by the picture before, between one night, arboreous flowers and plants includes to go up outside room back room besprent black dirt, there is flavour of a smelly egg in air...

On June 26, expensive report by CCTV " focal interview " with " should generate electricity to also want environmental protection " the exposure that it is a problem: Because equipment of manufacturing unit to decoke did not build,pollution is, did not come true " 3 at the same time " (at the same time design, construction is mixed use) be caused by.

Immediately, bureau of city environmental protection is in to expensive report with provincial the top fine amount of throughout history environmental protection 150 thousand yuan; On TV medium, expensive cable factory manager apologizes publicly to whole town people.

But the grievance that expensive report also has him, desulphurization equipment is not the cause that causes pollution exclusively.

Branch of environmental protection of classics Guiyang city is maintained, expensive report just entered the aircrew of trial production to use the quantity that contain ash to exceed a design to be worth the inferior coal of nearly 1 times, cause trouble of equipment of the system that divide ash, the member that add moving person deals with undeserved, cause 6. 8 incident.

"Before having an accident, in the electric coal that from the colliery carry comes to, we the stone that every week wants to collect a 56 lorries, " expensive report politics vice director of the Ministry of Works in feudal China Ms. Han is very helpless, "On August 16, our machine leather belt by lacerate of a stone 30cm. Our machine leather belt by lacerate of a stone 30cm..
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