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The whole world is calefacient Europe suffers disaster first all sorts of extrem
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The office of European environmental protection that report set xinhua net Beijing in Danish capital Copenhagen on August 22 (EEA) newest warning of issuance a report says, if the whole world is calefacient,cannot get effective keep within limits to the influence of European mainland, to 2080, european winter will disappear, all sorts of extreme weather can become more general.

According to " new scientist " magazine website reported a few days ago, arrange of European environmental protection goes out in report middle finger, with the world other area photograph is compared, europe's calefacient pace should be gotten quickly much. At present calefacient speed is the whole world to rise 10 every years on average 0. 2 Celsius, and by warm up now speed estimation, average air temperature of the Europe inside this century will rise 2 to 6. 3 Celsius.

Report, the whole world is calefacient will cause a series of potential disastrous consequence, for instance frequency of intense heat of summer is raided, pluvial indulge in wilful persecution, sea level rises, glacier melts etc. Only 2003, european glacier because melt aggravate and decreased very one of. To 2050, the glacier on the the Alps will melt danger, and those beautiful European snow scene on scenery postcard arrive this century end also will true not answer existence.

The report still points out, be in next a few centuries, the rate that European sea level rises will be 4 times rapidder than last centuries, like Holand country of such low height above sea level gets especially the attention of people.

Researcher thinks, if European climate illuminates this speed aggravation to go down, so European must take step in time, when facing unusual climate in case, unaware. Arrange of European environmental protection carries out director Jacqueline Maikelaide to emphasize when accepting a BBC to interview, next whole Europe, a certain area to a certain country reachs on, should enact the different measure that answers climate change. Climate change is in did not come 10 years even a century, affect profundity the development of European society and environment. If people ignores to this, inside 50 years of shorter even time, the mankind will encounter all sorts of sealed potential harms.

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