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Industry of iron and steel of hill of bulletin the Tang Dynasty of Pan Yue of sp
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Pan Yue of spokesman of deputy director general of total bureau of national environmental protection, news reported what steely industry pollutes Tang Shan to concern a situation a few days ago. Pan Yue points out, causing industry of Tang Shan iron and steel to pollute serious main reason is a few places the leader still is economy of cost, one-sided pursuit to grow with sacrificial environment, must correct this kind of wrong development view and view of achievement in one's post stoutly, can last of society of stimulative region economy development.

According to Introduction Pan Yue, not long ago of total bureau of national environmental protection receives masses to inform against, pollution of enterprise of iron and steel of hill of reflective the Tang Dynasty is serious, total bureau organizes board of inquiry to installed enterprise of a few iron and steel of city to have conduct a thorough investigation to Feng Na district of Tang Shan city, change instantly, the result makes a person shocking: Dark check the elephant all examines and approve formalities without environmental protection; Administer establishment without pollution almost, and did not use normally; Manufacturing technology is a country more already public proclamation illicit washs out backward craft, some enterprises still are in build backward manufacturing facilities; Chroma of most industry gas exceeds bid, pollution is serious, resource is wasteful.

Pan Yue says, the coking plant in steely to Tang Shan area enterprise, agglomeration, puddling, steel-making, steel rolling produces key of board of inquiry source of backward problem, relevant pollution discharges craft, environmental protection examined and approve the job to undertake check and be analyticed. In the production of steely to Tang Shan city enterprise craft made discover after thorough investigation, technology of production of steely company of Tang Shan city is different degree existence problem, only the area austral abundant has blast furnace of 6 65 stere, 3 15 tons of converter belong to a country already public proclamation illicit washs out craft, still using however; The country makes clear a regulation to begin to prohibit repeating construction from 1999 90 square metre and machine of the following agglomeration, investigation discovered to a large number of 90 square metre and project of engine of the following agglomeration are built again after 1999, and still be being built and use. Machine of agglomeration of 2 24 square metre, look forward to sends limited company of in relief iron and steel of north of the area austral abundant limited company of special type rolled steel machine of agglomeration of a 36 square metre, Qingquan is steely limited company machine of agglomeration of a 36 square metre was built 2002, change installs the appearance of a city to believe steely limited company machine of agglomeration of 2 24 square metre was built 2001. Change installs city ferry to install steely limited company to ignore national law even, this year start working built machine of agglomeration of 56 square metre in May, plan debug by this year August. Discovery is returned in the examination, the dust of converter of steel-making of all and steely factory, Jiao Lu and gas discharge directly, did not allow why to handle installation. All puddling blast furnace is gas did not reclaim device, taphole field does not have dust collector, or it is to have wash out backward establishment, but do not use. The 7 steel ironworks of the examination examines and approve formalities without environmental protection, all belong to violate compasses construction. Have more very person, limited company of rolled steel of special type of the Ou Jifa austral abundant of the discovery in investigation cubage of blast furnace of 2 65 stere under 100 stere, belong to illicit of national explicit order to wash out craft, however trade of classics of the area austral hold abundant appoint the false proof that opened cognizance cubage is 115 stere.
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