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Yunnan Yang Zonghai spends contaminative water quality to restore time at least
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The reporter learns 17 days from relevant section, yunnan 9 big highland are laky one of Yang Zonghai was polluted a few days ago by arsenic, restore 3 kinds of water quality to want 3 years to influence time at least.

Yang Zonghai is apart from Kunming 36 kilometers, lake area 30 square kilometer. From 2 2 years 00 since, water quality of sea of this world an administrative unit in Xizang has kept 6 years admirable continuously. A few days ago, environmental protection branch monitors chroma of arsenic of body of seawater of this world an administrative unit in Xizang to appear unusual wave motion, coastal to joining lake river course enterprise has urgent examination. Preliminary and affirmatory, arsenic of body of seawater of this world an administrative unit in Xizang pollutes main source is Yunnan trade of industry of estate of settleclear Jiang Jin limited company.

As we have learned, this company disobeys a country to concern a provision, did not build production to abandon water treatment establishment, a large number of liquid waste that contain arsenic circulate inside the factory, because did not undertake ooze is handled preventing, progressively leakage releases the arsenic contaminant that accumulates for years, pollute groundwater, bring about body of seawater of this world an administrative unit in Xizang to be polluted badly.

Yang Zonghai suffers what pollute more than 26000 peoples of immediate impact place badly to water safe. According to introducing, relevant section already carried out to Yang Zonghai " 3 ban " : Prohibit drinkable this world ancestor seawater; Prohibit swimming in Yang Zonghai; Prohibit catching water produce of Yang Zonghai.

As we have learned, the noxiousness of element arsenic is very low, but the compound of arsenic all poisonous, and industry is fecal the compound that is arsenic mostly. By the river water that arsenic pollutes, can reduce biochemical oxygen demand. The liquid waste that contain arsenic also can contaminate soil, accumulate in soil in entering crop to organize from this. Arsenic and arsenic change content to be able to pass the way such as water, air and food to enter human body commonly, cause a harm.

After polluting incident happening this, bai Enpei of secretary of Yunnan provincial Party committee, governor Qin Guangrong makes important written instructions, the requirement takes decisive step, cut off contaminative source as soon as possible, ensure circumjacent people drinking water is safe, investigate contaminative company, investigate duty of relevant responsibility person.

It is reported, this pollution industry has been shut, responsibility person already was detained by criminal. In the meantime, irrigation works branch enabled new fountainhead feature and plan of lash-up water supply. The each lash-up measure of relevant section is spreading out in the round, the harm that strives to will be polluted falls to lowermost limit. (Liu Ziqian)
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