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Kunming health bureau: The disinfection of monsoon drinking water cannot be igno
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Learn from Kunming city health bureau, during monsoon, branch of whole town various sanitation will strengthen the disinfection to fountainhead and protection, in order to ensure people waters safe.

This year, two class disease controls Kunming city county the center is natural to 1825 8396 fountainhead of the village, execute everyday bleaching powder disinfection. Via undertaking selectiving examination in proportion, alexipharmic percent of pass is 96.89 % on average, ensured 601814 rural population to water wholesome, safe.

Monsoon, kunming city disease accuses a center to pass pair of alvine path contagion to come on the analysis of epidemic situation, the more than chloric, turbidity of water quality of drop of end of urban tap water and microbial? Gross of acupuncture point bacterium, coliform group, mucky coliform group? Snow monitors integrated percent of pass 3 times, also drop because of the arrival of monsoon. Kunming city disease accuses a center to think through epidemic situation analysis, after entering rainy season? Fume fountainhead to protect fountainhead of epinosic of establishment difference, circumjacent environment to be polluted by different level.

Kunming city health bureau asks, various and wholesome administration and disease accuse a branch to want to be aimed at at present flood affection, the precaution that fulfils alvine path contagion controls measure, should fulfil the funds such as disinfection particularly. A disease should father to diagnose a standard in the meantime, ensure epidemic situation signs up for quality continuously, the case of illness that every already signed up for continuously wants to take seriously. Should strengthen sick to keeping apart cure support of the people medical the supervisory examination of sewage; In the key the area should begin aggrandizement immunity work.

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